Horse | Chinese Horoscope | May 2016
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Horse | Chinese Horoscope | May 2016

August 10, 2019

Summer starts in the Chinese solar calendar
at the seasonal point known as Li Xia, which falls on May 5 this year, as the Snake starts
to rule the solar month. If you’re ready for change, the Snake month
can be a good time for you to shed an old skin. There could be a few twists and turns, yet
if you’re prepared, you’ll be able to navigate them. Check your monthly horoscope to see
if you will be sizzling or slithering through Snake month. Horse: Slowing down does not mean you’re going
to miss out. Because you’re measured in your approach, you don’t run the risk of a hasty
situation. You’ve grown out of old ideas and you’re turning
your attention to new and exciting projects. It’s tempting for you to wish that you were
already in your new situation. However there are benefits to enjoying the
journey. If you can be happy with where you are at the moment, you will appreciate the
future even more.

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