Horse Club Adventures – Hannah and her friends find a mysterious chest! S1. Ep. 2
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Horse Club Adventures – Hannah and her friends find a mysterious chest! S1. Ep. 2

October 27, 2019

Welcome to episode 2 of lakeside stables
the day before Hannah’s birthday. Come meet the Horse Club and join all their
amazing adventures. But Mum, does Tori have to come to my
birthday? Yes Hannah she does we’ve known that family for our whole lives, we
can’t just not invite one person and invite the other. Anyway do we have to go
out to town today to get decorations? Well I was thinking on my check up in
the Attic first and see what we’ve got for the party and there’s anything we
try to have Hannah your dad’s going into spring the city this afternoon to pick
up a few things including your birthday present he always leaves everything to
the last minute well we are country people we’re not the
city type that’s right shopping isn’t our main
priority why don’t you go outside and check on clay and all your friends be
here soon hey mom do you don’t want my legs are so nearly thick yes that’s
because you never stop riding of Allah hi babies hi dad
oh hi I know have you come to help me muck out the stables
uh no all right just cause it’s your birthday tomorrow doesn’t mean you
haven’t got any what to do today yes I do
I’m looking to the Attic to find party decorations oh I don’t know if grandpa
would call that work crap is not here right now so all right why don’t you go
and see Kayne oh you didn’t do that not yet okay you
know put some fresh apples over here you take I’ll look in one is empty I’m gonna get
the horse and peel it off oh good there’s a bucket hey Tom do you
want to go to Hannah’s birthday party with me oh I was kind of gonna go with
my sister Emily you know like we always do everything to go long
can’t you just tag along with one of those horrible horse Club girls one I
don’t think the horse Club girls are terrible then my friend and – I’m not
going anywhere with you Tori now I’ve got to get back to work I am at work you
know so are you ordering anything or you’re just gonna sit there and look at
me i’ll take a lemonade please fine not what are those noble ones I
want the truck cool like those ones are good especially founders birthday are
you going to be rude to your customers you remember I’m revealing your cafe top
I think I should get what I want looks like Tory’s hassling Tom again huh
who Tom Tom come save you later oh thanks girls finally here’s your
lemonade Tory did you get some pine exquisite blue
free free milk cupcakes Tori I told you cups and saddles have a standard range
of cupcakes okay I’ve got the gluten-free ones but I’m not getting a
hundred different kinds if you wink and I’m not getting soy free no one else
eats them he’s eliminated mr. Cramer mr. cleaver could you tie up horses up we’re
gonna go see Hannah oh my goodness girls I’m not good enough to do I suppose
you’re gonna tell me that you’re here to help set up for the party party party
pot it’s all I’m hearing no one cares about what daddy needs to get done fine
girls leave the horses here I’ll tie them up I think Hannah’s in the stable hello there mr. e oh hi there loose or
strong be a good girl for this mr. K I’ll go bring you back to juicy Apple
why mysteries hi girl hey girls come upstairs but before you do I want to
show you a trick and where are you going what do you think of that girls
claw-some you’re such a show of Hannah whoa I fell off my chair I was so
worried that you would fail well just don’t show your parents another have a
heart attack any way we could to show up to Tori
good trip that’s the reason why I’m being practicing hey cuz your mother
gonna need that apple pie I feel up to have something for afternoon tea no what
are you laughing about Hanna what’s so funny she doesn’t have any because I
added all the breakfast and up alright I’m gonna go take but your is making
carrot see I’m taking storm over to see it dad
you wanna have some carrot soup for lunch Clarence to go to my Tori yes so
girls have you got my birthday present or ganar maybe her dad but that’s a
secret hey girls a secret Sofia are you still
angry at me for getting you a gardening horse for your birthday yeah well you
know I know the last one was busted but I was thinking that would be something
dad would just buy us hoping for something a bit more cool for my
birthday what it was purple and has glitter on it yeah but you know doesn’t
even match my house is Tom going to the party tomorrow of
course he is Sarah everyone in towns coming to the
party so glad you girls are here I’m in the middle of cooking can you go and get
Hannah to go upstairs and check the Attic I need to see if there’s any
decorations or extra tables or chairs or plates or anything we need for the party
before mr. Kramer heads into Springdale don’t worry wetland to it mrs. K come on
down hey Lisa so Lisa Sarah you’re looking for timing
some of my carrot soup aren’t you remember last time you were daughter
yeah we adored it deeply Lisa yeah I thought it in so did our store
history and no war wait what are you talking about we never fed it the rest
to our horses no no no no no no it’s all sweet,, um we better go help upstairs
come on yeah we love carrots a tress are we gonna find anything up here it’s a
mess that’s what we here for silly let’s have a look around
run said she wants mixed up tables and chairs and some extra plates so we’ll
need this an extra bottle which here so people could tie up their horses when
they come look what I do set up okay I’ve got a bridle over here and an esky
I think that’s kind of handy here’s some extra cutlery need some extra plates and
stuff oh I found some chairs up here in some decorations eleven girls girls it’s
so true oh cool right behind it we’ll take it downstairs
what have something good and dry okay mrs. K is some of the stuff you need
maybe buddy everyone each of the chill-out room drumming that mysterious
case hello girls let’s check it out oh wow that looks so cool look so old
aaaand one of these open it how to open it yeah Hannah or even it please I’m
dying with excitement me too can I have some help I requested
three everybody pull one two three show us what we got Hannah yeah you wilt in
there we got an old brown flag boring a ribbon oh oh it’s from like 1865
my house was built in 1863 but of course we got some paint jobs and a few things
fixed up and a key okay Wow what it opens no no I wonder what this could
lead to it sounds like a mystery I wonder what it could it be an ancient
treasure could it be a secret room in this house we played hide and seek
around a million times if there’s a secret room and haman would have found
something it walls it have to be extra thick it’s gotta be something else huh
no secret rooms are only in castles well sounds like we’ve got a mystery to solve
clean up secret passage in the stable the walls they were quite thick no no
that this tables been renovated just three years ago they would have found
something yeah puppy that could be something in the cafe no that’s fairly
new okay we couldn’t mystery to salt and the one person who knows more about
Lakeside’s history than anybody else as a rune sha well let’s head down to the
animal welfare shelter shall we but ah it’s lunchtime so we’ll have to
go after lunch that’s the end of this episode
come back soon for episode three to find out the mystery of the key hum girls you

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