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August 16, 2019

Hi there friend, prepare your anus… Burn it I will kill everyone you know and love. I dream of a dream of a dream of a dream wtf are these horses doing My eyes are melting Not Fancy So fancy Too fancy Kill me Horse Fan Horse Horse Fan Horse Hor Hor Hor Horse Horse Fancy fucking dicks Clap untill your hands bleed fancy whores Horse Fancy dicks around us. We are all Astronauts. Collect old men, i agree Horse Fancy Happy you feel dicks! Sometimes stuff happens. If you don’t like it then build gigantic duck dinosaur and change it. Horse Fancy Be hopeful when it’s touching you. Horse Fancy moop miep So Smenshy Whores fancy Whores fancy Whores fancy Whores fancy Whores fancy Whores fancy Whores fancy

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  2. clearly, another piece of art. yet the message is unmistakably:
    though the perception of non heterosexual sexuality has shifted,
    in favour towards the concept gay to the point of it being optional,
    free from any kind of punishment and allmost universally accepted,
    horse fancy shows us that other lifestyles got it worse instead:
    many forms of love are more than ever looked at as abnormal.
    weebl makes it clear that there is no choice given by love…

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  6. Ścieżka dźwiękowa to plagiat: Tadeusz Sygietyński – Nasza piosenka.

  7. I have two things to say:
    A: I am ever so slightly reminded of "Talking Horse"
    B: This is a sanity test in and of itself
    C: I can't count
    D: why does this exist
    Hotel: Trivago

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