Horse Guard Inc

October 14, 2019

– It’s been said that a horse doesn’t care
how much you know, but he definitely knows how much you care. Horse owners know the
best way to show their horses they care is through excellent nutrition. Horse Guard
Incorporated is a second generation equine nutrition company that has introduced an
assortment of revolutionary supplements. Horse Guard, the very first
over-the-counter equine selenium supplement. Super Weight Gain, the first
ever product to increase weight, improve digestion, and include a complete vitamin
and mineral package. Equine Hoof Guard, the groundbreaking supplement for
hoof health. Trifecta, a four in one supplement, a vitamin mineral supplement,
a hoof and hair supplement, a powerful joint supplement, and a digestive aid. All
of the products are tested and proven over multiple decades by a team that knows
horses inside and out. Del and Lori’s lifelong passion led them to establish
Horse Guard in 1978 to compensate for vitamin and mineral deficiencies in equine
diets. Del and Lori’s daughters, Ty Natalie and Kelsey, are now deeply
involved in the business. Ty Natalie is the CEO of Horse Guard, with a focus on
marketing. Dr. Kelsey Johnson Nonella has a PhD in equine nutrition and is
considered the leading expert in equine supplemental selenium. Horse Guard is a
family company on the cutting edge of equine nutritional science. Horse Guard
products are the best investment you can make for your horse’s health and
performance. There’s no better way to show your horse you care.

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