Horse logging training for working horses uk
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Horse logging training for working horses uk

October 18, 2019

we’re going to give it all right back
but but but back back back back and whoa Stand Bandit it’s a ridiculously small log in
comparison to what we could pull with this – again this is only probably hundred
fifty like this log but it’s just the demonstration getting the cart and bring
bring big big runs this site will come so there you see we’ve now got the log
entirely either they did walk on walk up but we can still get through very small
gaps that you can imagine we could have fun and hearty timber on here and we
only need a 6-foot gap to get through provided it’s in a straight line bit
more on the turn – walk on – and we can be pulling out clean timber which we
then use for beams in buildings – building boats & all sorts of stuff – so they can be very efficient we can get timber out that you would struggle to get with
a tractor to get it with a lot less damage in the process. good luck – walk on

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  1. Added to our playlist – Horse logging and forestry.

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