Horse loves TV reporter
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Horse loves TV reporter

August 14, 2019

Ready? Horse races may… Horse races may be magical… Horse races may be magical, however there are more types of races where horses have the leading role Well Horse races may be magical, however there are more types of races… Horse races may be magical, however there are more types of races… I want this footage Today we’ll talk about “Dressage” which stands for horse riding skills @#[email protected] you’ll get my ear! Fine, fine… Come on, Frankie! Today, we’ll talk about… Horse races may be… Today, we’ll talk about “Dressage” It’ll eat my ear! Fine, @#%%, fine Today, we’ll talk about “Dressage” Horseback skill…. What is that?? Does it drink water? That was what I needed now… Horse races may be exciting to us… Today, we’ll talk about “Dressage” skilled horse riding Was it necessary to pull me on “skills”?

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  1. Aw,come on,gimme a kiss.I'm aaaallll yours,human,what more do I gotta do to show you how I feel? Gimme the microphone,lemme talk…

  2. what an ANGEL he’s trying to follow his dreams of being a news caster please just give him the mic and step aside

  3. Horse: "Mmm… that ear looks so tasty!" reaches over to nibble

    reporter breaks out laughing

    Horse: "Oh! Ok! I guess he likes when I did that! I'll just keep doing it… :)"

  4. What really happened here, is the Horse is a camera Diva & just wants camera time for itself. Sabotage the reporter innocently (heehee) 😁😉

  5. OMG, THAT HORSE IS IN LOVE….SLOBBERING, LICKING AND NIPPING ON THE EAR…LOL I am guessing this guy is not to accustom to horses which it makes this even more fun to watch.

  6. Какая классная лошадка! Парню нужно было чесать лошадь во время разговора или кормить с руки. Видно, что лошадка что-то просит!

  7. Awesome video, but could someone please tell me what language they are talking in? It doesn’t sound like Spanish.

  8. i guess its more a very polite way from the horse to say, please dont stand directly in front of my box. thats my space.

  9. Hay – this is about ME, not you, hairless thing. Get outta my way, I need to get a good close-up shot. That horse is the cutest little ham, and the reporter is just as funny. Kinda cute, too.

  10. Αν έγραφες τον τίτλο στα αγγλικά οι προβολές θα ήταν εκατομμύρια

  11. A mule bit down on my finger when I was 8 years old and wouldn't let it go. but I wasn't laughing.

  12. The friendly horse is asking for a big hug. Doing his best to be gentle and tell the reporter to turn around and hug me and pet my face.

  13. This is why I love horses. Every one has a unique personality, and this one just melts my heart. He/she is just looking for some attention and likely a good round of scratches.

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