HORSE na Grilu / Šílené recepty #1
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HORSE na Grilu / Šílené recepty #1

October 16, 2019

Hey Hanz, what kind of fish is that? I know this from movies, like Jaws or something like this hi guys, summer is coming I have a big terrace so I go to buy a grill I invite friends to grill because I fly to vacation soon, for 14 days so we’ll have a good barbecue I’ll buy some specials the most important thing for a good barbecue is a good cook and it´s me so welcome to Horse on the grill and we´ll go to choose some nice grill I don’t buy the grill just for video I buy it because I want it and I like this one I think that this is my favorite but I’ll keep looking we have all for barbecue I´m lazy so I’ve been buying it for a month but now Pavlis compels me because of the video so I bought it all and now I will go buy some food don´t forget that guests will come to us something to meat do you think mayonnaise will be a good choice? I take mayonnaise we bought it today I bought specialities for the barbecue because I like it and you will see that so guys grill is ready I built it for about three hours and I cursed a lot so I didn’t want Pavlis to shoot it brand new… I wanted to buy it for a long time on this terrace now we´ll go to prepare some marinade prepare meat, salad we’ll wait for friends and go for it we start with turkey skewer and grilled vegetables because I really like it, so I show you how make these 2 things so look at this here I have some seasoning, here is turkey meat here are peppers, oil, salt, pepper and garlic skewers and now let´s do this I cut it into bigger pieces you can use any vegetables you want I like peppers so I use them now I´m chef on the grill if Monča make it, she would use zucchini, aubergine or champignons I use peppers please let me do it I finally have a good helper it´s not like Kuba okey please finish it I go to heat the grill of course you don’t have to do everything by me but I don´t have much time now I prepare turkey meat I cut it and then I prepare some marinade and I put it together and it´s done hi….hi I hope you took your teeth because today will be specialities I like how you do something only because of videos he does nothing, but when the camera is near him… I cook, I bake I want shoot here but he come here and doesn´t shut his mouth now I prepare this marinade I will take garlic, salt and pepper and here I have spices from Antonín it´s the best and natural very good and I mix it together and let´s do this okey and now I will prepare main food and it will be meat specialities chicken meat can prepare everyone this is not so typical fitness foodstuff but Hanz come and look at this Hanz look at this look at these teeth fuck is it dead? What kind of monster is that? show me it I don´t know what kind of fish is this but guys, write to the comment what kind of fish is that ? of course that fishermen know that I´m fishermen too, but I don´t know it is it not the fish, how is it caviar from her? You’re fucked You’re absolutely fucked hey Hanz what kind of fish is this ? I know her from movie like a Jaws it eats people I didn´t know if you eat fish, so I bought something else these are stockings? Mainly please don’t want to looking for eyes on this, from me because I didn´t find them and I also fry this on the grill fuck I didn´t eat all day, because I thought that will be barbecue here and you want to give me this you will enjoy it I hope it was very expensive and he tells me it won’t eat look at this, it´s so nice people go to the sea to eat it who have this in Pilsen you´re right that I won´t go to the sea this year so thank, guys these are very good delicates and I think that these will be so good, that we´ll enjoy it in the ambulance too so these are not delicates it´s normal octopus I’ll make it a delicacy okey, Mony good bye Hanz is cooking, I won´t be here and now tell me what kind of fish is this eel…really?…yes, eel it´s sea eel this eel was caught in sea ​​of ​​bartholomew he had a GPS here

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