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Horse Names Equestrian Tag – SmartPaker Brooke

August 20, 2019

Hi, my name is Brooke, and
I work in Customer Care here at SmartPak. And I was tagged by
SmartPaker Sarah, for my first ever tag
video about horse’s names. And at SmartPak since we love
to talk about our horses, this is really exciting for me. So what is the name of the
first horse that I ever rode? That one is a little
tricky to answer, because I grew up in a
family that rode horses. My parents both
had Quarter Horses. So I feel like I was riding
with them before I could walk. So my guess is that the
first horse I ever rode was my dad’s old Quarter
Horse mare named Sugar. It was either her
or my mom’s gelding at the time, who was
also a Quarter Horse, and his name was Seven. And the name of the first
horse that I owned or leased, I would have to
say, the first pony that I ever had I actually
shared with my younger brother. And he was a little Shetland,
and his name was Zeke. I’m pretty sure when we got
him he was in his mid-30s, and he was basically the
ultimate baby sitter. But after Zeke, I would say
that my first real horse, that I didn’t have to share with
my little brother, her name was Sunny. And she was a paint
breeding stock. So she was a solid
palomino, and she was just the best first
horse any girl could have. And I’m pretty sure I spent
most of my childhood following my mom on trail rides while she
rode her horse, Seven, and then I was on Sunny
always tagging along. And she was just
the best teacher that I ever could
have asked for. And then it was just a great
start to my riding career. The name of the naughtiest
horse that I have ever known is hands down Cupcake. Cupcake was actually
a miniature horse. He was at a barn where I
interned a couple summers ago. And the best part of
it was at the barn and it was almost
entirely Draft Horses. So you would see Cupcake, who
they called the mighty herd master, he basically
ran the show. You just look out
and turn out and it would be a group of
Belgians and then Cupcake standing next to them. But he was tiny, but had
the biggest personality you could ever imagine. He could pretty much
escape from anything, and he could boss anyone around. Actually, when I was learning
to drive that summer, I got to drive
Cupcake a few times. And he was a gentleman
on those days, however, it wasn’t always the case. Definitely, like I said the
naughtiest horse I ever met. He basically just had
the biggest personality and was constant
entertainment at the farm. And my current horse– my
current horse’s name is George. And he is, again,
a Quarter Horse. He’s a big red gelding,
and I love him so much. And George and I met
a couple years ago, actually while I was in college. He was a part of the
school’s riding program. And then, I have
been lucky enough to call him mine for
about two years now. Right now, George is
pretending that he’s retired and living the dream
hanging out in Pennsylvania and enjoying some trail rides. However, I’m very
excited to say that he’s going to be joining me up here
in Massachusetts very soon. So like I said I’m thrilled. And my favorite name for a
horse is really difficult. I feel like I have to meet
the horse to figure out what a great name I think would be. However, just I think last week
I was speaking with somebody and their horse’s
name was Gatsby. And that’s the first time I’ve
ever talked about a horse named Gatsby and I just– I love it. And so that’s all
I have for today. Next, I’m going to tag
lovethorden and Barrel Racer. So don’t forget to let us know
when you put your video up. So we can take a look.

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