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Horse Names Equestrian Tag – SmartPaker Olivia

August 15, 2019

My name’s Olivia, and I was
tagged by SmartPaker Nina. And this is my first video, so
it might be pretty interesting. OK, so the first
question is what is the name of the
first horse that I rode? And I don’t think
that I can give a particular name,
because it was probably a little fat pony
at a flea market, or something like that,
when I was younger. But the first horse that
I ever took lessons off of was a stallion named Chick, and
he was a big paint stallion. And it was at a
Western barn in Ohio. And Chick basically
took care of me. He taught me everything that
I know, along with my trainer. And I remember the first
time that I got a chance to see Chick, I was so
excited because first of all, riding a stallion
when you’re eight years old is pretty cool. But I remember
coming home so upset and telling my dad that I was
never going to go back there, because the first lesson that I
had I didn’t even get on Chick, I just learned all the basics
about horse care and safety around horses,
and I was so upset that I didn’t get to ride the
big stallion the first week. But after a year, I was
a pro at riding him, and he and my trainer taught me
a lot, so that was pretty cool. So yeah, that was
the first horse that I guess you could
say that I officially rode that wasn’t a fat pony that
I was just being ponied around by. So that was Chick. So the second question, what
is the name of the first horse that you ever owned or leased? And I’ve never leased a
horse, but I did own one. When I was eight, I begged my
parents for a horse so bad. And they were very skeptical,
because there’s been– and I’ve seen it, too–
there’s been a lot of kids where they say that
they want a pony, and then they maybe get
a horse for a month, and then they decide they
don’t want take care of it. So my parents said, OK, you can
get a horse if you pay for it. Well, how are you going
to pay for a horse when you’re eight years old? So I put my life savings
into a cow for my neighbor, and I fed my cow every day,
and I proved to my parents after a year that I could
take care of my cow. Showed it, sold it,
and used the money to buy my first horse,
whose name was Princess. Which was very ironic,
because every pet that I owned before the age
of eight was named Princess. And I didn’t name her. Her register name is
I’m a Cajun Princess, so she came like that. But it was a great fit,
because her name was Princess, and that’s probably what I
would have named her anyways. She was great. She’s just the greatest
horse that I’ve ever known, I’ve ever had. And she’s never bucked,
or reared, or bit, or anything like that. And all of the crazy things
that I’ve done with her, she put up with me and really,
really helped me to grow. And we actually competed. And you know, she’s 20 now. She was eight whenever I
got her, so she’s 20 now, and she’s a good girl. And she took care of
me, and now there’s a younger girl that
takes care of her. So yeah, so that was
Princess, the best horse ever. The name of the naughtiest
horse you’ve ever known. Well, I’m sure that there could
be a couple that I could name off of hands, but one
that comes in mind would be a horse
that’s named Brody. And Brody is a
black Gypsy Vanner, who is a horse of one of my
friends, who they actually keep at our farm back
at home in Pennsylvania. And Brody has been at our
house since he was a yearling, and he’s just the
most mischievous thing that I have ever seen. Things that I would have
never expected a horse to do, he’s done. Before he was at my house, the
barn that he was staying at, he was in a stall. And he decided that
he was bored one day, and he literally stuck
his hoof through a bucket, like a water bucket. I don’t know how he got his hoof
literally through the bucket and stuck, but he did it. He has jumped round pens,
or at least attempted to. And one particular story
that I remember personally, the one morning– I
remember it was a weekend. And I was tired,
and I was sleeping. My mom wakes me up and she tells
me, “Olivia, the neighbors just called. Brody’s out, your
horse has got out.” I’m thinking to
myself, oh my gosh. And we have a lot of acreage, so
the fact that the horse was out in another neighbor’s property
meant he was decently far. So I went outside,
and I see him. And literally from
where the pasture is, he is on the other
side of the pasture. So not only did
Brody prove to me that the grass was greener
on the other side for him, but he was in our poor
neighbor’s yard, who they probably were so
annoyed that he was eating their grass in their
yard that wasn’t supposed to be for horses. And I literally was screaming
at him across the pasture, telling him to get
back over here. And he has his head down,
and he’s eating grass, and he looks up at me. So he looks up real quick. And the only way that he
could get back to the barn was if he ran down
the road, kind of almost like a half circle. So he literally shoots
his neck up, looks at me, and then just starts taking off. And he takes off, and he
comes back to the barn. But it was basically like he
got busted, and he knew it. He came right back, so
I was lucky with that. But there’s just
been so many times. He is like a magician. He somehow will
manage to get out. And when he went for a
training, he literally tried to dig his way
out of a round pen. So just picture this
cute little Gypsy Vanner that you would think
would never do any harm. He can do some damage. So that would definitely be
the most mischievous horse that I have ever met. It’s pretty funny. And the name of
my current horse, right now I have a
two-year-old, APHA. She’s a paint, and
her name is Stiletto. And her registered name is
actually Classy Black Tie Affair. So when I was
picking out her name, one of my friends,
Samantha, mentioned that I should name her Stiletto. And it ended up
being a perfect fit. She’s actually a solid paint. She’s all black, and
she was really tall. So when we got her, she
was just four months old. And she’s got these
really long legs, and you know, we’re
kind of trying to come up with names
for her, and my friend was like, why don’t
you name her Stiletto? So it actually ties in with her
name, Classy Black Tie Affair. And it works out, because
she’s a black horse that’s really, really tall. But she’s really sweet. I taught her how to bow, and
I taught her how to lay down, so that was a lot of fun. So she does some tricks, and she
can misbehave sometimes, too, and she definitely
misbehaves with Brody. But she’s my favorite right now. She’s a doll. And the last
question is, what is your favorite name for a horse? And I honestly – I know
this is probably bad because they’re both my horses,
but if I had to choose – I mean, if you were asking
eight-year-old Olivia, she would definitely
say Princess. So that worked out, because
that with my first horse. But if you ask me
now, I would probably say Stiletto,
because I just think it’s such an original name. And we nickname her
Letto sometimes. So I don’t know, it’s different. But I also like naming
horses people names. I had a horse named Lucy before. So it has to be original,
but it has to be different. Lucy was a black
and white paint. And my mom wanted me to name
her Oreo, but I didn’t do that. So at least it was a little
bit different than Oreo. So that’s all I have. And we’re tagging our
biggest and loyal fans, so keep watching to
see if we tagged you. We’re tagging
daretojump0128, equinediva15, and then SmartPaker Emily. And anyone else that wants
to get in on the fun, you can do a video, as well. So make sure that you tag us,
and we can see what you said. And thanks for watching,
and have a great ride.

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  1. Hi @equestriangirl922, @Courtmasterlucky5, and @Shep the Brave – we’d love to have you guys participate in this tag! Thanks for your interest and consider yourselves tagged! We can’t wait to see your videos 🙂 – SmartPaker Nels

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  3. i love this. haha my horse i have to put a second latch on his stall door because he knows how to open his top latch, and get out he has gotten our like 8 times. i have also come to feed him and found him with his blanket on the ground with all the buckles buckled haha.

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