Horse on the Force – WSUPD Mounted Ofc. Brandon Murphy and Andre – Wayne State University

September 5, 2019

[Sound of horse’s hooves] I mean, I love Andre. He’s a good partner. But just being out and about this is definitely a different way to police.
Definitely some more positive interactions I would or involve myself
with the community interact with all different types of people. So I love it, man, and be out and I get to see from a different perspective. I sit up a
little higher. You know, I’m exposed to the elements a little more. But other
than that, I mean, it’s a pretty good gig I can’t complain. It’s cool. I don’t
think a lot of times people want to come talk to me, but they want to come talk to
the horse and that gives me an opportunity to actually talk to people and kind of
break the ice a little bit. This is my assigned horse. Each of the officers in the mounted unit have assigned horses, so this is my horse. I come in, I take care
of him, I groom him and the relationship I have with Andre is great. But anytime you see Andre, you know, feel free to bring him some apples or carrots or even watermelon. It’s almost too cold for popsicles, in the next couple months, but for now he’ll enjoy it I’m sure.

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