Horse Pilot Airbag Innovation – Part 1 “The origin”
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Horse Pilot Airbag Innovation – Part 1 “The origin”

October 22, 2019

At In&motion, we develop intelligent Airbag systems Within the framework of horseriding, there
is a double equation, because on one side you have the rider and on the other side you have the horse to take into account. At Horse Pilot, we consider the rider as a
true athlete. Our purpose is to offer him the best possible condition to enable him to enjoy their riding to the fullest, without being disturbed by an inadequate equipment. What really distinguish Horse Pilot’s garments? They are designed to the special use and needs of the rider. They answer its expectations in terms of performance, protection and excellence. It’s to ensure these functions that we started from scratch in the design of this new generation of airbags. The important issue was to ensure the highest level of safety for the rider thanks to products that are specially adapted to the different types of traumatology he may undergo in case of fall, as well at training as in competition, without disturbing the daily use and the practice of the sport. In this case, we have tried to truly understand both the traumatology and the practical use part, and notably for the sporting activity, jointly with the Horse Pilot team. At Horse Pilot, we think that it is not the rider who has to adapt himself to its garments, the garments that must fit with the rider. It is from this perspective that we develop
each of our product. To ensure the protection to be effective, it first has to be worn, So we have to eliminate all constraints.

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