Horse Pregnancy Update, Part 2 // Versatile Horsemanship
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Horse Pregnancy Update, Part 2 // Versatile Horsemanship

August 14, 2019

hey everybody this video is completely
not planned but I want to kind of bring you along as all this stuff sort of
startup unravels I’m in the barn with my pregnant mare right now and it’s pouring
rain out so I have her in my indoor arena so I apologize if he can’t hear me
very good but it’s you know rain on a metal roof it just it’s loud I can’t
help it so she’s doing some weird stuff today and I just figure that now is a
good time to have her inside at night I’ll turn the camera around so you can
kind of see what’s going on okay first I just have to say that when
I was pregnant my hair was like the best it’s ever been before and she’s having
the same sort of thing go on to her tail has never been so gorgeous but something
that’s happening today is she keeps holding her tail out she’s really
agitated right now because the other horse is left and she’s super
uncomfortable but ouch she she just keeps sticking her tail out something that I noticed as of yesterday
is she is starting to wax up so if you guys don’t know what that means
basically her teeth have a little bead of wax on the end and that’s just
prepping for baby mama honey
you think you can have that baby tonight coming tonight or honey so as you can see she’s super
uncomfortable she can’t find a good spot to roll um
I don’t know she’s just acting weird today now I get to log countless hours in the
barn waiting for my mare to have her baby and then what’s gonna happen is I’m
going to be like oh she’s not gonna have it tonight and I’m not gonna come out
and check on her and she’s gonna have a baby so I would absolutely love to catch
this on video err just to be part of it in general will be amazing I would
absolutely love that so low versus high meaty kitty but see your tail how she
holds it out yeah so weird not like her at all so what do you think folks when is she
gonna have her baby is it gonna be tonight is it gonna be next week she’s
gonna be late what’s gonna happen it’s making me crazy
I am so darn excited for this baby oh my gosh you have no idea
so yeah share your excitement with me comment below let me know how you feel
about this I know that the baby is eventually gonna come I know that and
I’ve been through this before with my own pregnancies but it’s like all is so
exciting like what’s it gonna look like what do you think it’s gonna be a boy or
girl what color is it gonna be and name suggestions Mika wants you to help name
her baby so if you have any suggestions as to what this baby could be named
please comment below and let me know Colt and filly names she’s so regal
she’s just beautiful this this folks is my favorite horse
she is just awesome she is she’s awesome she’s a quarter horse there’s a whole bunch of cuteness going
on behind me Nika is just a love bug right now she just wants to be she just
wants to be pet horses don’t care about how you look what you wear what you do
how you talk they don’t care about any of that kind of stuff all horses care
about is how you make them feel and so this horse feels comfortable and safe
when she’s with me we’re like herd members over the years
her and I have done a tremendous amount of groundwork and frankly all that
groundwork has really paid off and gosh I just have the nicest
relationship with this horse this right here is hundreds that
probably thousands yea thousands to definitely be thousands oh this right
here is what thousands of hours of groundwork and time spent with a horse
looks like so this horse is incredibly respectful of my space she’s got
outstanding manners she is very very loyal very trustworthy all the good
stuff that you want and a horse she’s all of that but gosh I put in a ton of
time to establish that with her if you want to have a good relationship with
your horse you have to put the time in to get that good relationship and it’s
no different than a friendship or a marriage or anything else you’ve got to
put the time and energy into it to make it right so that’s all it is
there’s my little spiel for the night I’m just gonna hang out here with Nika
for a while we’re just gonna walk so be sure to keep checking back and you might
want to go over too if you’re not following me on Instagram go check out
versatile horsemanship on Instagram I’ll be sure to share updates on their
to pictures and I’m gonna head in for the night Nica is
all set up in her stall and she looks happy munching on her grain she’s got
all kinds of hay and good stuff in there so I’m gonna be out as early as I can to
check on her and we’ll see what happens but if you want to keep up on baby
updates see how she’s doing all that good stuff be sure to hit that subscribe
button and if you enjoyed this um a little update give me a like I’d love to
know if you enjoyed it or not so thanks so much for watching and have a good

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  1. For names maybe Polo, Buck, Storm, Zona, Rolo, Cinders, and Romeo I don’t really know but here’s some😂🤠

  2. I feel so sorry for her ….did she ever get a good roll ?? When i had my kids my Hair was really thick hehe well always was think lol..

  3. This was exactly what I was waiting for! Anxiously awaiting the arrival of the baby with you. Mama is gorgeous and so absolutely sweet, she’s already stolen my heart ❤️. Lots of love from Texas

  4. i think the foal is gonna be fox, or palomino. Father was pretty dark so i don't think cremello. I think a good name will be moondancer for both. Because it is full moon. Good Luck you both.

  5. I'd suggest a name, but for me I like to see the baby's color and personality, so I'll think of a few after he/she is born.

  6. Usually I name the horse what the day is like or what the horse has been thru I named my rescue horse Chance because he got a second chance

  7. COLT NAMES: Koda, Whiskey, Oakley, Native, Cartier, Chevron, Barley, Fizz, Pharoah. FILLY NAMES: Rhythm, Nova, Classy, Opal, Jade, Honey, Kaya, Aspen, Cleo, Cloud, Flora, Fauna, Sundae, Meadow, Fawn, Ginger, Cinnamon, Chanel, Cashmere, Estelle, Norvina, Journey, Talia, Hazel, Kaleo, Caspian, Astrid

  8. Hi,,i,,am,,still,,watching,,with,,you,,,poor,,mom,.i,,thimk,,it's,,gonna,,happen,,soon,,if,,its,,a,,girl,,i,thought,,,you,,might,,like,,. Bella,,or,,bambi,,if,,its,,a,,boy,,,Joanne,,,it,,means,,peaceful,,dove,let,me,,know,,,i,want,,,to,,see,,baby,,soon😉😚😘😘🙄

  9. Hello,,still,,waiting,,let,,,,us,,know,,whats,,going,,on,,where,,is,,sweet,,baby,,tell,,mom,.get,,,going,,tell,,,us,,how,,she's,,is,,i,,,,going,,nuts,,thanks😁😄😄😍😎😂

  10. I notice you keep moving her from place to place, maybe you should keep her in a designated area where she feels completely comfortable. I really don’t know what I’m talking about, lol…she looks very uncomfortable though.

  11. Ok that's not a horse, that's a loyal puppy. Do you think she's scared and needs you for support?

  12. baby time- i would not tie her up-the wax will turn to golden crystalline collostum when foal is imminent-you can get kit to test milk

  13. absolutel darling mare–sooooo lovely-you have to be there for safety Regallo for boy Gracia for girl Debra

  14. Also i have noticed the later summer foals are early-one mare with 2 summer foals was 101/2 mos-maiden mares can be late -wintery conditions make later foals-and TB's can go longer-just my cargo of beliefs and noticings from my 8 foals

  15. It's so cute how she follows you around! Horse's are comfort seeking animals, and probably more so with a baby on the way. What a Beauty she is!

  16. I know she's had her baby but I think she was dealing with the pressure on some nerves that the labor was causing. Not sure when after this she delivered but would make sense to me

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