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Horse Pregnancy Update // Versatile Horsemanship

August 24, 2019

I don’t know where the time is gone but
this mayor is due to have a baby in six weeks I have no idea how that happens so
fast and I’m so excited so today I’m going to show you a little update on her
pregnancy and how it’s going and the changes that I’ve noticed
she only rolls on one side now at a time so I wasn’t worried about that cavaletti
be in there so now that Mika is getting further along I have increased her grain
because I know she’s gonna need more calories to make up for what’s lost
during milk production and the baby needs more and stuff so she’s getting a
lot more grain now and she’s also getting spoiled with treats and such but
I don’t know I just I think back to when I was pregnant and I don’t know I just
kind of feel sorry for her in a way even though it’s it’s amazing and a really
cool experience but she’s probably like what the heck is going on because as
babies just randomly kicking her and she’ll she’ll even squeal sometimes and
kind of kind of stop behind leg cuz I’m sure it hurts but so another thing that
I’ve been doing different with her is I’ve been bringing her into the arena as
often as I can I try to do it once a day and I leave her in the stall for a few
hours and I want to make sure that she’s comfortable being away from the herd so
I don’t want it to be a big change for her when she starts staying in at night
because we’re gonna we’re gonna be putting her in the stall in the evenings
when it comes close to being the time for her to have her baby
we’re protein mud season here so leaving her outside just really isn’t an option
so she’ll be in my inner arena or in one of the stalls and hopefully that’s
hopefully I’ll go as well and she has her baby in the stall so but this is a
mirror that’s never really enjoyed Venus tall she’s tolerated it you know anytime
I ever put her in one she she does okay but she just really she prefers to be
outside so it’ll be good for her to be in a stall just in getting used to it so
there’s no once baby comes so I’ve noticed a couple
changes in her so far her belly has changed drastically so it’s now hanging
really low so that’s been a big change and her tail up up around her tail this
is getting softer right here this has always been especially on this side for
some reason this has always been pretty firm and that’s kind of squishy right
now so that’s something that I’ve noticed while grooming her and another
thing that happened kind of overnight her milk glands have started working so
I’m going to show you what those look like right now and I’ll kind of try to
as you can see there’s some pretty big changes going on here and the first
thing that I noticed was one side just kind of doubled in size overnight and
then all of a sudden they both swelled up pretty significantly so this happens
I guess about a month or so before baby comes so it’s just exciting to see some
changes being made this is just a really neat experience for me because I have
personally never bred well let me say this again I have personally never one
of my own personal horses hasn’t had a baby before I did breed Miss Kitty many
years ago and we ended up she lost the baby we never even saw it
I think coyotes got it before before we even found it but so so that was a
bummer and I just have never bred a horse since so I’m really excited about
this mare is my favorite mare I’m excited to have a foal out of her and so
yeah the baby is actually kicking right now so I’m gonna turn the camera on a
show you oh my gosh this is so crazy do you want to see this baby moving it’s so
cool super cool come right over behind me it’s just amazing to watch watch rate
underneath her belly like kind of back here you can really see it you see the
baby moving I’m not amazing how big pretty good size
bigger than my dog it’s probably about probably a little longer and thinner doozies like 11 or 12 Wow
that baby is moving so much we have no idea I don’t know what it’s
gonna look like nothing I know nothing that’s so exciting well she’s like oh that one hurt
she swishes her tail that’s when it hurts so basically all I’m doing today
is just it’s a really nice day and I want it to get her in get her cleaned up
I’m gonna do her feet and just kind of give her some TLC that she she just
really needs some love so I know that things are gonna get very busy around
here and not that she would enjoy and clearly I found a good spot when you’re grooming a horse that’s
eating and they stop eating and lift their head you’d know you’ve found a
really good spot so I’m going to just work on that area for a little bit
she truly seems to enjoy that I want to make sure to get her feet trimmed now
just so she’s good to go and I don’t have to worry about that when baby comes yeah what I do it now because I feel
like the farther along she gets the more uncomfortable she’s gonna be so it’s
easier to just do it now and you know check one more thing off the list there are so many things that I’m so
that I’m so excited to find out like I can’t wait to know if she has a boy or a
girl and I’m excited to come up with a name I’m excited to see what color it is
I don’t care what color it is but I definitely am I’m just excited to see
this baby this is one of my absolute favorite horses in the entire world and
the fact that I get to have a baby out of her I’m so excited and I put a lot of
thought into this so yeah but comment below let me know what do you think
she’s gonna have is it gonna be a Colt or filly and what color do you think
it’s gonna be so if you haven’t seen the stallion be sure to check out her story
and see what he looks like and and all that and I’ll I’ll put a link above so
you can see so you can see him exercise is so important regardless of species so
I want to make sure that I get niihka up into my arena on a regular basis just so
I can move her around a little bit we have so much snow and ice that it’s hard
for her to really get around a whole lot in the paddock that she’s in and it’s
relatively small so she has a tendency to stand at the food walkover get a
drink which is only about 20 feet away so I really want to make sure that she’s
moving enough and getting the exercise that she needs there’s no need to do
anything strenuous so I keep it at a walk because I feel like that’s
sufficient I rode this horse through both my pregnancies and there’s not a
whole lot of horses that I would trust to do that with she really took care of
me and I think it’s funny how now the tables are sort of turned well that’s it
for Anita’s pregnancy update she’s over it that’s her thoughts on the whole deal
if you’d like to keep following Micah’s journey you can start by hitting that
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  1. This is so exciting! I’m so glad to have found your channel so I can share this journey 💕 I just saw the video with the sire and he is gorgeous!

    Prediction: colt and chestnut with a lot of chrome 😊

  2. My heart goes out to her being pregnant specially in the last Trimester so uncomfortable but exciting because the baby coming 😊❤️

  3. I'm guessing a red colt.
    You probably already know this, but for those who don't there is a 50/50 chance of getting a red or palomino foal(since the sire is red and she is palomino).

  4. That’s really funny last night I committed on your ultrasound video asking about her and how she was doing with her pregnancy 😀thank you for the update really looking forward to seeing the baby I recon it’s going to be a colt 🥰 I hope it all goes well for you all and the baby is definitely going to have the best stat to life and up bringing with you

  5. Grace hopes it's a boy but thinks it's a girl. Claire hopes and thinks it's a girl! ( She would also like it to be pink!) We think it's going to be blonde!

  6. Great video! I’m sure you are very excited for the baby to come, even I can’t wait to see the little foal!!

  7. HI !!! What a sweet heart ..she is super pretty and good luck with the new baby ….Your a super sweet lady who cares about horses of luck…wish i lived closer too you….i live in the lower half of Michigan area ..

  8. A thought came to me! As the horse clearly loves you and your presence, the foal will too. Everything Nika feels, so does the foal right now and it'll recognise that once its been born. After all, its only a skin's thickness from you and the world. It'll know your voice and that you make it's mum happy! Lovely! 😊😊😊

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