HORSE RACE – GTA 5 Gameplay
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HORSE RACE – GTA 5 Gameplay

August 20, 2019

good thing Bruce isnt here because i
found a map he would love. hmm. melee maps these are always fun becuase gta’s net code is tighter than stone cold Steve Austin’s abbs no we’re only allowed to talk about the
game ok just the game we got a full house
here today. yeah you know who else is on full house Dave Coulier. No no no no no no real quick Lawrence what are we doing? uh it’s mainly only fight club your at a melle club but you’re at the races so there’s all kinds of things to jump
around and doge on, but knowing these maps I ran off the track already yeah people are just
gonna, just gonna come up in one pile anyway. Can you place a bet on a hot Philly?
Yea yourself, Adam already did. Is a Philly name for a horse yeah. and a lady. Thats Canadian talk Oof oh what
happened there. oh their comming coming for you I don’t want any part of this. get in
there, now is time to get kills swing at him. oh you missed missed it you blew it Adam you could
have done it the same way Jaleel White saw an opportunity to become the
starring character in a family matters show I think it was Jaleel White who really
pushed for this to Defaner Kell thing? He was like listen I want to be an actor, I
need to appear on camera like looking decent, talking normally, looking good
because I’ve been working out and they were like no no you fucking idiot you gotta you gotta dynamite character and
we’re gonna exploit the fuck out of you you guys ragging on that whole step-by-step
Family Matters, full house connection that was our original MCU tying all
those together. That happed long ago are you kidding me Shirley and all that stuff we gotta step
up our reference game I’m gonna I’m gonna get you guys some some mid nineties
Disney channel -like a Aladdin- DVD’s. no no no more like -that was good. that was your own teamate-
think more disney XD i’m thinking like suite life of zack & cody, icarly. no no no, man I can’t stand it when -these are the references we gotta
throw- someone fucking post on Reddit and they’re like remember these ancient
cartoons and it’s like the new Ninja Turtle series from like five years ago yea. oh
I just found this in a mummy vault under a pyramid and its like the iCarly.
yeah. we gotta remain young at hear no i’m going to move to television. Have you ever been
to a horse race? no. No, but I had watched Mission Impossible
two which has a very thrilling horse race scene what’s the bond movie that has an hour
and a half horse section in the middle view to a kill. That’s it. Yeah. Yeah, Elyse is
getting some kills. Yea you are I mean I’m sorry we’re supposed to be
talking about bond, I almost went to the game there for a minute all right everybody stay on the tracks, you can only stay on the tracks that’s the rule. no fighting is alowed to
happen outside the tracks. look at this you gotta runing crew now. Here we go baby we’re doing it. Oh man. Oh that guy so
fast he’s Usain Bolt. Oh here they come oh my god. here we go we’re gonna crash.
It’s like streets of New York. Here we go Boosh boom-boom Wow oh nice. It was all that lead up.
It’s so direct. you’re swarming this is great. season finales killed by stab. Run again, everyone run, back to pean is pulling a feet tight circles. Form an arrowhead we’ll pierce them it’s gonna be perfect oh we gott em. Run them over. Oh boy. Oh Jesus
take a seat oh how, what happened to me there is no
one even there. You got too tired out alright guys I’ll meet you over there.
Yeah you gota catch up, oh you’re kind of close. I’m coming to you here comes. Oh you son of a bitch. Ogh alright run
let’s run boys. Oh the penguin join in look at him on the side
there. I got him. yeah, oh ahh oh no. Run without me alright continue piercing, pierce,
pierce. There getting distracted. Guys don’t worry about killing, killing second,
guys I’m all alone out. Here is coming. Guys oh alright nice good pierce. See its because
he saw the rest of everyone come out behind me they knew there was trouble. I like
how you stopped and let everybody else take that for you. Look at that one loan
person out there so scared. You are gona get run over. Charge that person. Run them down. Imagine his
perspective. Get him. haha haha. Get his ass he’s waving. trip him up, trip him up, oh no
protect him he is ourfastest runner. oh no you lost him. Oh god that sound we gotta get over there we got a
support our team. This is a new Olympic event. Run with sticks. The beat
hurdles. Kind of like a oh oh ugh oh. I panicked ah damn it. Nice we did it guys we did it we are
multi taskers. Winner! nice work guys great work. That was smart. And we did
nothing but comment on the game itself so was good yea and its funny how James is the one that
usually steers the conversation to movies and whatnot thoug he created a
situation where the focus was on the game. No no I steer the conversation
to me yeah so im playing the game then it will be
about the game, so that’s generally what happened there you said he was in a step-by-step or
full house. Full house you spelled urkel wrong,how do you do that all the
time. Full. Wow he was, he landed in their backyard this is the original youtube
collaboration. Can we bring back vests over t-shirts please how come when they fall through the roof
they fall into the living room? what they just got a hole in their roof. People losing
their minds, fucking losing their god damn minds Oh god its that -. huaaaat. what show.
why cant I play, Lawrance can I play yeah. Yeah but you have to watch us google. I’m not
gonna watch this dumb 90 shit, let’s watch a pro playing gta 5. Everytime everytime I keep
speaking this like water phlem get stuck in my nose I need to cough it up. Bruce you’re gonna love this map you’re gonna love it. Looks like you were have
a lot of fun actually. He had a formation going that’s the trick you got to organize
your team. Wolfpack. There’s like a cup of fluid in there and has a really weird smell.
What’s that all about? Are we’re gonna turn around and run uegh. Nothing is happening nothing happened. Well there are people
behind us, they are after us papa Alzheimer over here. oh there copying. Bruce you gotta climb to the top of whole arena. Over the right guys stair climb. Oh you miss the stairs. Where the stairs go right, go right, go right. Go to the giant stairs, stands are. to the right, the giant thing
of stairs. Right through that little yeah the little tiny opening. Up down
up down you’re going to get a real good heart workout here oh no. All right up here? yeah keep going around up and around,
well I mean you should run up the stairs and then up the top, and then down the
backside. I’m just trying to fool them. There you go. haha see this is gonna give you a
great cardio, great great workout guys it’s the train sprint training combined
with endurance cardio. Wow you just keep moving in a group just keep
plowing through in a group. Keep in the halls it’ll be like old boy, their narrow
fight. Where do I go? Oh hey, oh I was killed because you stopped running. Hey bruce just
get in one of those little holes no one’s ever gonna touch if you stand
in one of those things. Oh that’s true. There you go. Your safe in there everybody in, everybody in, come on everybody
everybody its safe in.Cram in. Switch to the knife This is like, this is like shark cage. Ok everybody we will be safe in here oh no. Thw map is huge. Don’t worry about us. no that’s fine
You should just stab. Oh Turbid is in, that’s ok, that’s ok let the ones on the outside take care of it.
don’t worry about it guys everybody in we’ll defend. Defend the circle, defend the circle
We are safe in here, every thing is fine. Oh god Oh no they got through. Fight them out kill him. That guy like I got like four kills with one
swing of that bat it’s just you in a cage. You’re stuck in there with them.
I was getting ruined. It’s a meat grinder oh that was a terrible idea. I think
the problem is you pick the wrong one yeah the other ones are better. You gotta get the other ones. Loser that didn’t take long. you didnt even kill
a player with the one thing you’re supposed to do in the whole game thats ok. This was good. it was good. Perfect
strangers Elyse was right. we got to talk about the game fuck you guys. I’m so glad that it wasn’t
like a hip late eighties guy with rolled-up sleeves and like. This is the
promo because she was the elevator operator at his work and so he’s like
how the elevator work. Stop the stream Suede vests, see the vests man. A fucking decade of vests where are we at now? nothing. Pop right off the road. Why do cars
have spoilers? Spoilers are basically wings that are when it goes really fast it
pushes the back tires more onto the ground. When cars are going really
fast you want the tires producing power to have as much downforce as possible.
You don’t want to be going so fast that it starts to fly so you have a spoiler
on the back which is basically a big wall that pushes the wind down. Alright
another question about cars? some cars are front-engine front-wheel-drive which
is why when you’re going into a turn and you want to smash the brakes, so all the
weight rocks to the forward so you turn and you don’t slide and instead you turn

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  1. I almost lost my mind when James says "OHHH TURBID'S IN!" I am glad everyone as all joining in and playing along! Best fans for sure!

  2. I saw the advertisement on the Youtube video they pulled up, and immediately tried to click the x.
    I've been watching way too much youtube.

  3. This should be called the 300 hurdles because the amount of dead bodies on the ground resembles the bodies on the ground in the movie 300.

  4. Whoa Whoa James! That TMNT came out in 2003…..yes that still not old but come on. >.> Still better then the old TMNT cartoon, bring it!

  5. This would have been cooler if all of them were wearing workmen's clothes from the early 1900's. Gang fights involving sticks, good old bare knuckles and of fedora.

  6. that was your best melee dm in a while! organizing everyone and doing things other players cant really do makes these videos way more interesting.

  7. that "peeet" guy was obviously cheating. he was running faster the whole time, then ran circles around you and then started running again and was in front of you, all while you were still running. but oh no, it's fine, he's on your team, so he's allowed to cheat. if you're an enemy and cheat, kicked out! on our team?? a fucking legend! usain bolt over here!

  8. Jockeys are none for doing so much heroin and meth during the races, that the horse test positive in drug tests – Neil Breen

  9. I find it darkly comical that Lawrence makes fun of AH for still playing Minecraft, yet here they are playing GTA yet again.

    How does Lawdawg even see the ground from his high, ivory horsetower?

  10. Seeing james organize everyone, and then seeing them plow through their enemies like a well oiled machine is fucking majestic.

  11. I had no reaction to Bruce climbing into the round thing.
    I did, however, laugh really hard for a whole minute when everyone else followed him.

  12. James is right! it's bullshit these kids think that all the new age cartoons are old and ancient already! What about Thundercats? G.I. Joe? Transformers? Reboot? (you're welcome Bruce) Exosquad? now these are truly ancient cartoons!

  13. nice to know Adam watched WCW and was for the wolf pack. i have only owned two wrestling shirts and one of them was a NWO red and black and had a wolf head on it, the other was a Goldberg shirt with him half naked.

  14. James' brilliantly wacky ideas single-handedly saved (and made hilarious) a video of what would've been more totally unusable GTA5 melee shit footage. Bless you, sir.

  15. I fuckin love it when they make up little objectives or in game rules to do like the "only fighting on track" thing, makes the gameplay so much more interesting

  16. A whole 55 seconds of talking about the game till they start throwing references i don’t know. Love it 👌🏻

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