Horse racing at Moonee Valley – The Cox Plate & Winx
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Horse racing at Moonee Valley – The Cox Plate & Winx

August 15, 2019

so I wanted to do a little video for you
this Friday evening so that you can be aware of a roast that’s taking place
tomorrow morning that’ll be Saturday at 7 o’clock it’s
the Cox Plate at Moonee Valley what what is the Cox plates where is Moonee Valley
and why am i highlighting this race I’ll let you know in the rest of this video
please like and comment on the video below that will allow me to produce
better quality videos and more of them in the future so at 7 o’clock tomorrow
morning we have the Cox plate at Moonee Valley I say tomorrow morning it is
tomorrow morning for us here in old Blighty but Moonee Valley is in
Melbourne Australia or near Melbourne in Australia and as a consequence it will
be approaching their evening there while we get up at 7 o’clock to have a look at
it this morning the racing takes place over the whole lot today but of course
we’re just catching the tail end of it at 7 o’clock in the morning and the Cox
Plate is at the tail end of that particular meeting it’s an important
meeting anyhow because it’s the sort of last chance for me to really get stuck
in to some decent group racing ahead of the Melbourne Cup Carnival it is just
around the corner but it takes on more significance this year because we have
wondermare Winx running at in the cup in the Cox Plate – I have to be careful oh
you said that first thing tomorrow morning and the special thing about Winx
is Winx has won 21 consecutive group races and is the horse that everybody’s
talking about and every time that she runs she causes a bit of a fuss
basically and there was an article I think it was when she ran at Flemington
not not completely sure but there was a bit of chaos as everybody headed in to
watch her which made the headlines and there were some problems with with
transit on that particular day but yeah generating a lot of fuss and because of
the unbelievable track record that Winx has then there’s a huge amount of
interest in this particular market so you know everything’s raised up a level
this year currently I think Winx is about 117 or so
in the UK now the interesting thing about this is because it’s at the tail
end of card as well it’s not out of the question that the price and winks could
shorten up a little bit further especially when all of the money comes
in imagine you you’re going to put $10,000 on Winx would you do it right
now you may get a better price but as we get
closer and closer to the start of that race you’ll have a better idea of the
ground conditions and Winx herself is behaving and so on and so forth so your
confidence will probably rise as you get closer to the start of the race so I’m
expecting the money to arrive relatively late on this particular race and that
money will begin to very significantly determine where things go from there
but basically at the short price at which Winx is at at the moment
everybody’s expecting Winx to win and it’s not out of the question that she
may go off a little bit shorter within the market depending upon everything
else that happens over the course of the day and so on and so forth and I think
most people are basically looking at that price and thinking well it’s very
very short but has gone off from at short prices before and has won boots
the opening race of this season for Winx was at the Warwick stakes I’m pretty
sure and she fell out of the barriers and I got off to a terrible start
and then eventually did manage to pull off the win but subsequent races and
prior races have generally been pretty convincing so that’s why Winx is is such
a short price that’s going to attract a lot of attention within the market but
what this reminds me of you know I’ve traded Australian wrestling for a number
of years but what this reminds me of is Black Caviar because Black Caviar was
unbeaten and I’m trying to member how many Black Caviar was unbeaten in I
think 25 25 races I think I’m trying to remember if that’s correct enough could
be wrong but I’m beginning to think that that was the number should have checked
before I did the video and that included a race at Royal Ascot as well where she
only just won and incidentally actually if anybody’s got any Winx memorabilia
I will quite happily receive it at the office
sorry about that but you know I take an interest in these things and it’s these
things that bring a sports to life and I had loads of great experiences with
Black Caviar because it was over a number of years Black Caviar would go
off at the same prices sometimes even shorter than that sometimes incredibly
short prices and I used to enjoy watching that whole thing unfold and I’m
watching the whole Winx thing unfold as well and obviously there’s the
opportunity to trade it as well now when you get races at very very short prices
there’s going to be enormous amounts of money on both sides of the book the
money tends to arrive quite a bit later because people don’t want to risk the
money until they’re absolutely confident that that is going to be the case so the
markets can be sometimes difficult to trade but sometimes they’re set up just
about right and the balances is right there in terms of the amount of money
going through the market and the price at which it’s available you can manage
to achieve quite a lot so it’s some interesting to see how this market is
going to trade tomorrow but I anticipate it may trade the same as some of the
markets that we’ve seen Black Caviar and Winx trade in before and they tends to
be pretty sort of flat for a period of time and then the money tends to come in
quite late so it’s a race that I’m looking forward to trading tomorrow and
I suggest you get up if you’re in the UK and have a nose at it as well because I
imagine the turnover will be pretty stupendous we’re approaching about half
a million and at the moment it’s 5 o’clock in the evening UK time so come
tomorrow morning I imagine we’re going to be seeing some pretty significant
volume on that race and it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out
I’m going to give it a go see if I can trade it sometimes you just find this is
impossible because there’s just so much money going through it and there’s so
much money on both sides that you just sort of get a bit stuck to be honest but
since when is that stopped me from trading yeah I’ll give everything a go
if the money’s there and see what I can pull out of it so yeah looking forward
to that tomorrow suggest that if you’re in the UK you may want to get up and
have a look at that particular race if you’re in Australia you will know about
it all already because you’ll know about winks you’ll know about the cocks plate
and I’m sure that that will be on your agenda immediately but for those of you
who aren’t in Australia that’s a race that should get some of your attention
this weekend you

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  1. Apart from the trading I find it a good geography lesson looking up all these places. Expand your mind by trading.
    Can you do some more videos on different tracks. Moonee valley has the shortest finishing straight in Australia. Not sure how that will affect my trading but interesting all the same. Thanks Peter.

  2. I reckon she should be $1.08. Only an injury would see her get beaten. Your info on Aussie races is pretty good considering you're not from here.

  3. based on your comments the trade is to back now. If the money comes late, presumably the price shortens closer to the race start. She looks certain to win anyway, her price can only shorten barring unforeseen circumstances.

  4. and ………………….. WINX WINS!!!!!!! Jumped at 1.19 but the retards stepped in and offered 1.21 in the run.
    Absolute theft it was backing her.

  5. Great race and yes Humidor gave her a big fright. Was intriguing for me it seemed the ideal scalp race in some ways, I managed to have $1250 on both sides at the $1.18/$1.19 price point when it was very stable in the 30 mins before the race!

  6. Yes Peter The Great Black Caviar never lost in her career in 25 starts. Two reasons she nearly lost at Royal Ascot was a torn muscle in her rear leg and the jockey didn’t know where the finish line was because he hadn’t had the opportunity to walk the track before the race so if you watch the race he pulls her up to soon and almost gets overrun but realises his mistake, gets her going again and just wins.

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