Horse Racing Commission: Appeal Denied
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Horse Racing Commission: Appeal Denied

August 12, 2019

the 145th running of the Kentucky Derby still holds the nation’s attention tonight the most important horse race in the world and it in controversy when the winner was disqualified 48 hours later the owners of maximum security filed an appeal of the controversial call in early this evening the horse racing Commission denied it Jacqueline Nye has the lex18 big story at 11 22 minutes after maximum security crossed the finish line first the garland of roses was taken away and given to country house that has never happened in the hundred and forty five years we’ve had a disqualification day after the race but never they up and never a disqualification as a result of interference in the race today the owners of maximum security Mary and Gary West appealed the decision to disqualify the horse the West claimed the officials did not follow regulations and their determination to disqualify maximum security was not supported by substantial evidence our horse was in the lead the entire way around they they looked at exactly what the whole rest of the world looked at and they didn’t file a loss stewards inquiry so I I can’t imagine that it was very obvious to them at the time either in the appeal the West asked for a hearing before the Racing Commission along with all of the evidence collected by the stewards that led to their decision but hours later the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission rebutted denying their appeal the Commission quoted state law that says the stewards ruling in a horse race is quote final and cannot be contested therefore there is no avenue for appeal a decision governor Matt Bevin stands behind it was remarkably dangerous what happened it really was it could have been catastrophic there are rules the rules have existed for a long long time it is the responsibility of the stewards to apply the rules that’s what they did the owner say maximum security will not be running in the Preakness covering the news lexington jacqueline i lex18 news

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