HORSE RACING IN HONG KONG 2018 – Cheap Things To Do In Hong Kong (Travel Diary part 7)
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HORSE RACING IN HONG KONG 2018 – Cheap Things To Do In Hong Kong (Travel Diary part 7)

September 1, 2019

Just got back from the ferry just going out to Get showered get ready for this evening where we’re going to horse races so that should be good fun So we’re on our way to the happy valley racecourse You can enter For as little as 10 Hong Kong dollars, however if you want seating you can pay 20 Hong Kong dollars We decided to go for the membership Which allows you to walk around all the betting halls and trackside areas, you also get access to the dining area Which we found was ok But there are better places in hong kong to eat, to enter the members area as a tourist We paid 130 Hong Kong dollars. You need to be over 18 years of age and bring your passport come on Boy, come on, come on son In second place , no third not sure if i will win anything, you placed it, oh… I won 🙂 Good stuff, going to go again now.. Yes Am i in the wrong bit? Sure? That was the $1000 betting section.. Hello Can I put a gamble on number nine please You’re gonna place it again? place Thank you Lets see if i win this time, Im going big! when gambling on the horses, Go big or go home, Hopefully not too soon I made a big mistake here, put the bid down and now i have seen the horse, he is all over the place, cutting corners.. Not too sure whether this was a good decision, but should have checked the horses first, but we’ll see, there’s still a glimmer of hope he was in 6th, then he slipped to 7th, will he end in 8th…? He did pretty bad Yeah, and we should have just checked the horse basically He was limping horse and he has lost me my money Two pounds down .. well and my winnings! 40HKD down the drain. Lucky master and number 12 “marry gowning” lets see how it goes, the race is on see that one striaght all over the shop… thats my one! 🙁 Instant loss of multiple dollars Right guys, we’ve just got back we spent an hour and a half walking back from The horse racing just because it’s always good when you’re on holiday to just walk through the city and just take everything in Hong Kong’s absolutely awesome I’m loving it just I love all the skyrise just Buildings are flaming tall just haven’t seen anything like it You just have to be here to experience it But on that note. I’m going to end today’s vlog here because it’s late and Yeah Otherwise I’ll just keep on forgetting to end the vlog Thanks for joining me today, and don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe and I’ll see you soon guys. Take it easy

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  1. Keep posting and you will get there Marlon, i see you put work into it! What do you think of my vlogs? Leave a comment on my newest video! Become a part of the Story Family! 😀

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