Horse rescued from sinkhole
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Horse rescued from sinkhole

September 1, 2019

RESCUED AT A LEXINGTON FARM THIS MORNING … AFTER SHE GOT TRAPPED IN A SINKHOLE! FIRE CREWS TELL US A MARE GOT LOOSE, RAN THROUGH A FENCE, AND FELL INTO THE HOLE. W-K-Y-T’S WHITNEY WETZEL WAS AT THE FARM THIS MORNING, WHERE CREWS TRIED FOR HOURS TO RESCUE THE HORSE. Around 9:30 this morning, firefighters responded to a large animal rescue at Woods Edge Farm on Old Richmond Road. Major William Saunooke / Lexington Fire Department: “We had about a 1,200 pound thoroughbred mare that had gotten loose, ran through a fence and fallen into a sinkhole that was fenced off.” Fire officials say the mare’s back feet got stuck about 10 feet deep into the sinkhole with only her head and neck above ground. Saunooke: “She was in shock, in distress. They had a vet show up and help sedate the animal. After they sedated the mare, she calmed down enough that we were able to get slings around her and basically use a tractor to lift her up out of the hole.” Emergency crews were on scene for a little over three hours. Fire officials say rescues like this typically take some time. Saunooke: “Well this web quite well. Our crews practice large animal rescue. A lot of times this is kind of a slow process, but if you can balance the amount of time that you can minimize the animal being in distress you’ll have a lot better chance of saving it.” Fire officials say the mare had a few cuts and bruises. She was taken to an animal hospital. Once sedation wears off, they’ll check for any injuries. In Lexington, Whitney Wetzel, WKYT. CREWS AT THE SCENE SAY THE MARE MAY HAVE BEEN PREGNANT. THE SUN THIS

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