Horse riding day 7 – Rising trot only!! The reason I went for another stable
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Horse riding day 7 – Rising trot only!! The reason I went for another stable

November 2, 2019

What’s up guys!! I came to another riding school today This is only to gain fresh perspectives from other riders I asked for a group session before to my home arena it unfortunately rejected since I was not in adequate level to be in the group As my session based on 1 on 1 coaching, I was in need of someone with fresh perspective wishing it to expedite my progress So I am here! Today, I do rising trot only focusing on my posture, specifically my hands I will set out some detail watching video BEWARE that I am a learning rider, beginner Some notes probably affected by my assumptions Thus you can observe how I make a progress rather than learn something about riding OK, then let’s get started! Coach: Kick the horse harder since the horse is very safe I know horses are normally stronger than me On my second day of riding, I kicked Bianca (my first companion) really hard After that, even it couldn’t hurt the horse, I don’t want to kick a horse harder than I currently do There must be an alternatives By the way, the name of this horse I am riding on is ‘Jimmy’ Quiet, less fluctuating, and responsive to my aids Jimmy stops repeatedly at a certain point so coach asked me to remind him to go forward as the point get closer It seems that I failed to have him trot Coach decided to pass his whip over to me Pull the rein and get closer to him? Was it like ‘close the door and get out?’ Oops! I dropped the whip to locate it on my left hand Hopping-off: pull feet out of stirrups and plunge It usually be to your left side because horses are usually trained to be more comfy from their left – Google Hopping-on: place your foot in the stirrup, grab saddle, and jump I place stirrups under my toes I rises following his inside front leg Coach asked me to move along the fence I was struggling to find proper distance from the fence since my outside foot often was squeezed between In my opinion, my legs are longer that it looked My hands are widened The rein supposed to touch a horse’s neck for better control The best way for it is having hands closer each other Squat itself is quite boring exercise Why don’t you try horse riding? The coach will keep asking me lower my hands and shorten the rein I tend to loosen the rein when a horse bobs or rocks its neck I am still matching my rhythm to his left front leg The coach got a nice eye power!!!! Catched my fingers! I tend to grip rein two fingers with the hand holding whip Coach informed me that my hands move a lot At my knowledge, this session should be a test for assignment to a group class I found that this session was going just like learning This is the point Jimmy stops trotting I just informed the coach that I felt not easy to get closer to the fence Marking? What marking? Where? And at that distance, it was hard to hear him Now I can hear him editing this footage I understood that advice as I should lengthen my body Now my rising rhythm follows Jimmy’s right front leg It looks like I follow his inside leg There has been moments the coach at my home arena told me like ‘Wrong diagonal bounce twice’ or ‘diagonal’ or ‘change diagonal’ It must be related to this rhythm!!!! Reviewing, especially helps learning Loosened rein affects to moving hands! Coach: Keep rising even changing direction Close fingers, lower hands and keep them steady, flatten back Controlling the rein should not affect hands position Copy that I haven’t imagined that I would ride a horse hearing birds In my home arena, there are monkeys Some of them stole my bottle of water I was advised to bear those things in my mind Place hands closer each other and keep them lowered, and flattening body If I don’t keep the rein firmed when a horse pull the rein, a horse would stop That was why I should lock the rein Steady, hold there, and go! I want to gallop on a horse! That was the sound as I hit the fence And I corrected the stirrup Flawed but let me set a hypothesis wishing it to be the starting point Hollowed body ->braced shoulders ->heightened hands ->loosened rein ->moving hands ->weak control Coach: don’t allow him to put his heads down So I need to lock the rein I took it as what I should take into account for better control on a horse, FOR NOW It might not be a definite or always-right-in-any-case law What I meant by that is we need to be opened to other options until there remained the single truth I wish both a horse and a rider enjoy together Hope you enjoyed this video Thanks for watching my video!

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