Horse riding Day 8-6 – Almost first canter, over-hand 360 VR view, 5K
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Horse riding Day 8-6 – Almost first canter, over-hand 360 VR view, 5K

October 21, 2019

What’s up guys! I am doing my almost first canter Hit the road! Cantering Autumn makes me really feel good From last week, I started to ride two different horses The goal to be achieved is a month horseback traveling I know it is too idealistic for now though For the other horse, a major issue was to get him to go slower in terms of canter When it comes to Autumn, it is about keeping him to run I would like to focus on my controlling on the next video I wish other riders to be confident watching it The rein…. But I will not mention much about control at this time The moment Autumn stops trotting seemed to be right after exiting a corner What I should do to keep him cater are 1. Cornering: moving my outside leg backward 2. Straight line: Normal position 3. Passive: Kick him whenever Autumn slows himself As to #3, my balancing is not enough to exercise it efficiently in my opinion Here are what I should do for canter 1. Making sure that Autumn got sufficient momentum 2. Before the corner, turns rising trot into sitting trot 3. Kicking and whipping for the transition The feeling during the transition was like ‘faster trotting! should keep kicking or he would not go cantering! The slower beat! Success!’ Took four corners without stopping During the course, I did not even try to steer him and simply grab the rein just enough to feel his mouth I don’t know Maybe luck Another thing affecting him seemed to be the magnitude of pulling the rein Pulling it too hard he stops, too loosening it he became out of control in both speed and steer aspects Transition to trot was simply pulling the rein back And released it once he trotted I will welcome any comment to be helpful to improve the riding skill Thank you for watching!

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