Horse Riding Halls – A horsewoman testifies – Frisomat Steel Buildings
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Horse Riding Halls – A horsewoman testifies – Frisomat Steel Buildings

October 30, 2019

Hello, I’m Janny. Together with my parents I run
the Little Creek ranch in the Ardennes. We use this covered indoor ring to give horse-riding lessons. A couple of times a week we give riding lessons to children and adults. We used to only have an outdoor ring. In the winter
we had to stop the lessons when it was freezing or raining. That is why we decided to build an indoor ring. In the winter, when the weather is bad, or when it is very hot, the lessons can continue. We chose Frisomat because it had one of the best price-quality ratios. The indoor ring had to fit with the look of the ranch. Choosing an open ring we thought was very beneficial. Once the ring was made, we built the enclosure and the kicking-board, put down the sand.
One side is completely closed using windbreak netting. During the construction of the indoor ring,
we also built a shelter for the storage of hay and straw. This was very practical because we have limited storage area.
It was great the ring could be made immediately. Frisomat also added a storage area, in the same construction
but separate from the indoor ring. We were able to choose the outside look and the colours of the roof. That is why the indoor ring is so nicely integrated
with the rest on this site. We are now equipped for the next fifty years. We are very happy with the construction.
It looks great and it’s very solid. I would most certainly recommend it
to people looking for something similar.

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