Horse Riding: How To Stop Your Horse From Bulging The Shoulder
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Horse Riding: How To Stop Your Horse From Bulging The Shoulder

September 2, 2019

Turn your hips in – your belly button in – as his
barrel swings out. So now. Now. Forward in between. So it’s sort of … forward and turn. And turn from your seat. And the outside leg is going to close a little. And move him in … as you
turn. Bend and turn. Bend and turn. Bend and turn. And more forward from the seat. What
I do notice without the bit is he’s not so heavy in your hand. Keep turning this
circle in. Away from that wall on your left. Now you need outside rein, outside leg,
outside seat bone to move him away from me. And open – and breathe! Don’t lock up.
Drop your weight into your seat bones so you sit a little deeper into the saddle.
There you go. And back onto your circle And forward from your seat. And moving
him over. More outside rein. Think of blocking with your left shoulder and
left shoulder blade. Now you’re arching your back again. So
you’ve got to watch when he starts to push through there that you’re – may not – not feel
yourself like you’re tipping forward, but you’re arching your back which takes
your seat bones away. Keep those seat bones pointed straight down. Now left
shoulder back. Left hand squeezing water. Right rein open. Right leg and seat bone
turning. Sorry that was left leg and seat bone. But you knew that. Yep. So one more
time. You know he’s going to try to push out towards me here. So more proactively this
time. Keeping your seat bones pointed down. Engaging your core. Opening the
inside rein a little bit. Closing the left leg. Left seat bone.
Breathing. Left shoulder back. And turn your hips in. In the direction you want
him to go. Good!

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