Horse Riding In Talpa
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Horse Riding In Talpa

September 5, 2019

(dramatic music) – [Luis] Hi guys! ♪Run ♪ – Okay I’ll see you later then. (upbeat intro) – [Moncheese] We’re smashing in the back. – What is happenin’ everyone
and welcome to another video here in Mexico. One thing real quick
before the video starts, I didn’t really properly
introduce my cousins so I’m just gonna do it
real quick right now. This is Emily. This is Moncheese. This is Kevin. This is Alexia. And this is Amy. So yeah, now you know. – Hey Tavito’s YouTube channel. – What’s up? – Thanks for joining us today, another normal day; daily life. – Yeah, show them your foot. – Oh yeah my foot. – I broke it. [Luis] No you didn’t break
it, someone broke it. – Three people broke it. (laughs) – Hey vlog. Hey guys, so you know
we’re right here in the- – I’m Bibliotecas. – I can do it with eyes closed. (slingshot being pulled taut) – [Younger Boy] Is this the palo? – [Spongebob Voicover] Later… – [Moncheese] Smoke it. – [Younger Boy] You’re about to blow it. (laughter) – So last time, we did so many fireworks, we spent at least 500 pesos on them. And then this entire street was white. – It’s either that or bird poop. Smoking big joints in the calm village. You suck at lighting! – I got it! ♪Smoke weed everyday ♪ – Oh shoot I missed! – [Luis] Oh shit, where
is it? Where is it? – [Luis] How’d it go in there? – You’re so stupid! How do you miss- ow! (laughter) – [Luis] What’s that bottle? Why is it so dark? – Oh we were putting a firework in there. – Sometimes it breaks
but sometimes it doesn’t. – Show me. – [Luis] Oh my God. – [Kevin] If it does break
it’s gonna go everywhere – [Younger Boy] What!? – I call it the Waste of Time. (laughs) – [Kevin] Two seconds. – [Kevin] Alright, it
won’t burn your hands. (screams) – [Moncheese] I burnt myself! – [Kevin] Idiot! – [Spongebob Voice] Tomorrow (peaceful music) (screams) – [Alexia] Hey vlog. Hey, welcome back day three;
this is Thursday, 7 of… 7 of… – [Luis] February? – February. – [Luis] Where are we going? – We’re going to Talpa. – Talpa. – [Kevin] Talpa? – And yeah. – [Amy] Yeah for- – [Luis] What’s up? – We’re going in the trunk. – [Luis] Oh really? What’s up? – Vlog day… How many days have we been here? – No I already did that Amy, don’t worry. – Oh. Okay. Welcome, we’re going to Talpa. – These guys are in the back. – ‘Sup dude? – [Luis] What are you playing? – Freakin’ Smash Bros, brah. – Damn, that’s like so in right now. – [Moncheese] We’re smashing in the back.. (laughter) (upbeat music) – So we just took a bathroom
break cuz your boy had to pee. Right? – Uh, yeah. – I peed my pants so I’m good. – [Luis] What are you getting? – Uh… – Imma smuggle some mayonnaise. – Ey Moncheese take the cocaine, here. Flavored cocaine (laughs) – [Luis] Oh it’s Choky’s, sorry. Hola tío. – Excuse me. I’m surprised I haven’t fallen asleep. – I fell asleep. – [Luis] Yeah, you fell asleep. – [Moncheese] Kevin said
it was impossible to sleep. – [Luis] Can you hear that? (wobbling noise) – [Alexia] It sounded like
a chicken trying to get out. – Oh no. We have to get him out. – Yeah, we’ll check after Talpa. (upbeat music) – Hey, guess what. We made it to Talpa. (upbeat music) – I’m tired. – I’m hella tired, too. – [Luis] Oh I thought that was real. – Same! That’s exactly what I thought. – It’s a horse carrying five sombreros. (waving noises) – [Luis] Yeah, fling yourself. (grunts in pain) – [Luis] Pull the trigger. – No it hurts. – [Luis] Do it. (squeak) – Go record my dad doing it. It like zaps you. – It kind of feels good though, in a way. [Alexia] Yeah in a way. – It feels like, if your
hands were like, vibrating. – [Luis] Yeah. – [Alexia] Tío Arturo, pushalo ahí. (zapping noises) (laughter) – Poquito pero se siente. – [Alexia] Tío Jas, mira. – [Luis] He’s like, “Hell no.” – Chagua try it. – Ay, ay! Pero se siente a gusto. – ¿Si? – [Luis] Si, se siente a gusto. – ¿Verdad? Si. (zapping noises) (laughter) (upbeat music) – Hey vlog, so we’re here- – [Alexia] Ey, ey, ey! – [Luis] What? – Hey Vlog – We’re eating; we’re eating now. – We’re here, we’re at- (sneezes) – El Heradero. – [Moncheese] Hi. (waves) (pats) (waves) (pats) (waves) – [Spongebob Voiceover] A Few Inches Later – Hey, edit this in. – Okay. (winks) – [Luis] Oh my God a horse. Let me get this one. – [Alexia] I want a black
one because I’m not racist. – [Luis] Okay, I’ll get the
pink one because I’m not sexist. Ready? We’re gonna gallop that way. Let’s go! (horses neighing) – I am the horse now. – [Spongebob Voiceover]
More Moments Later… – What’s up, bro? – [Luis] See ya, brah. – Hello, what are- – [Luis] What’s up? – ‘Sup bitches? – Hey y’all here eating da nieves. – She just called you guys bitches, what’re you gonna do about it? ` – [Moncheese] Balls of steel. – [Luis] I like how… I like the way that your balls jiggle. – I like, I like, I like… – Do you like my Kylie Jenner lipstick? (barfing noise) – [Luis] What are you gonna get? – Hot sauce. – [Luis] Really!? Give some to her; Alexia
said she wanted some. – [Moncheese] Open wide! – I’ll show- watch the pro. (barfing noise) – [Spongebob Voiceover] 12:00 Midnight (music) (screams) (music) ♪ Hello ♪ – Who’s this? – [Luis] Say something
to get each other mad. – [email protected]$%* – [Luis] Oh, don’t say
that; can’t use that. (smacks – Okay stop. (laughter) – That’s not funny; close your mouth. – Se te ve toda la comida. (smacks) – [Luis] Abuelito mátalo. – Ahorita. Ya que cabe de comer. – Córrele para que te mate mi abuelito. ¿Verdad abuelito? – Me, Kevin, and Moncheese we
walked when we did La Corona. – So the Corona is basically
like, there’s different dates for like the older people,
there’s like para los jóvenes which is for like the younger teenagers. – Basically, like a big group of people, they all just walk down the street and they go into the church. And so when we were walking,
I had one of the candles, and it was like burning, like obviously. The candle wax kept falling,
and I didn’t even notice that I had so much wax
on my boot until I was in the church with them; here,
I’ll put a clip right now. (upbeat outro) (screams)

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