Horse Riding the Unspoilt Beaches of Worimi Conservation Lands
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Horse Riding the Unspoilt Beaches of Worimi Conservation Lands

September 4, 2019

One of the most impressive
sights in the region
is actually made up of this stuff
right here.
Stretching all the way from here
to the south of Anna Bay,
all the way down towards Newcastle,
32km in that direction,
is the Stockton Sand Dunes,
the largest mobile sand drift
in the Southern Hemisphere.
MAN: And with the dunes
so vast and steep,
with some reaching 30m in height,
we decided we need
an extra set of legs –
in this case, four.
Come on. (LAUGHS)
MAN: So, guys, I’m going to take you
down along the beach,
and just enjoy yourselves.
Sit back and enjoy your ride.
So, here we go. Yee-ha!
A thousand years ago,
this dune system was out about 10km.
And gradually, over all that time,
the scientists tell us
that it’s been forced back.
Yeah, as you can see, the sun’s
shining, trying to break through.
There’s a bit of a heat haze here
this morning.
There’s 26km down there of beach…
..unspoilt beach.
But it’s truly one of
the unspoilt areas
along the east Australian coast.
There’s not many places left now
that you can ride horses along
next to the breaking waves
and the beautiful sand.
The dune system here is
the largest moving dune system
in the Southern Hemisphere,
so it’s quite unique.
So it’s just a wonderful place.
It changes all the time.
The dune system’s
forever changing with the wind
and the ocean’s never the same.
So you’re looking at
a different landscape
every time you come down here.
It’s really God’s country out here,

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