Horse Riding to Golden Ears Park
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Horse Riding to Golden Ears Park

October 24, 2019

Well, off for another trail and I thought
I’d bring you guys along with me, we’re going to head over to Allco Park again and from
Allco Park we can get to lots of places so it’s a pretty good place to start and it’s
only a couple of minutes away from the barn, so easy peasy to get to. So let’s get going. Ok, well, we’re ready to go, make sure the
truck is locked, it’s locked and we’re going to go take a ride on this beautiful day, nothing
too exciting today just trying to get more time in the saddle for this guy and enjoy
the beautiful day out, maybe we’ll encounter something maybe we’ll learn something maybe
we’ll practice something we’re not quite good at or just get good at stuff or get better
at stuff that we’re good at, so off we go. I have a thing for those rider and horse silhouette
things, it just looks kind of cool. Getting good practice leading, we always lead
down to the park area, there’s actually a school that does school here for kids and
they’re here a lot, it’s a beautiful park to learn in, it’s great for the kids to run
around and learn stuff, so they’re here today and we’ll see how that goes. I think we’ll be fine, he’s pretty good in
the past. Well, this is probably the first time I’ve
taken video on him on this side of the water, he made it across ok, left the camera in the
bag just so I could have more control, it’s a little hard to see in the water and sometimes
you have to guide the horse a little bit so they don’t take a misstep, usually they’re
pretty good but, ok, well we’re off, that trail, let’s go Benny, that a boy. One of the things you always have to be, one
of the things you always have to be aware of when riding on trails is you never know
when your horse might want to just turn around and unfortunately where they’re turning around
there’s no space to turn around and they end up stepping backwards into something that
is soft and mushy and unsafe, the best way to deal with this problem, catch them before
it happens, Benny is sort of a, I don’t know maybe he’s like normal horses, just kind of
tends to think he knows where to go but doesn’t, so off we go, continue on. I think he knows when I have the camera too
because I’m only half paying attention to him and half paying attention to the camera,
so let’s continue on. It is a really nice day we just climbed this
huge hill, Benny did great, he’s usually not very good with hills, doesn’t have a lot of
practice, one thing that Benny definitely doesn’t have enough practice in is staying
off the edge of the trail like this one he tends to kind of hug, you know I’ve seen other
horses like this, they’ll hug the edge that goes down, not
the up side so watch this, you can see other hoof prints on the very very edge that indicates
obviously that other horses do it too, not just Benny but wow it is quiet it is just
this luscious green goodness out here the sun coming through lot of ferns, it’s just
beautiful beautiful day, good day for a trail ride let’s continue walking. Wow, that’s a long drop but it’s a nice wide
trail and Benny’s on the go we’re going to the cliff so you look up it’s straight up
and straight down. Benny you’re doing ok, we’re going to continue
on this wonderful trail anyways we’re doing pretty good we’re just going to continue on
this trail, this leads to Golden Ears Park I don’t know how far we’ll make it today,
it’s a pretty good trip already for Benny, it’s a beautiful day again just magnificent,
perfect weather, it’s cool dry sunny and not wet, not raining and quiet there’s nobody
here just us so it allows Benny and I to or any horse that I would bring along here and
just work together, be cool with being together, wow, amazing, ok Benny get walking ok well
we’ve finally made it to Golden Ears Park, it didn’t take too long and this is exactly
why I don’t try to do too much camera work while riding because otherwise I would have
steered him out of that a little bit more timely, we’re at the edge of the road, we’re
quite a ways in actually, I’ll hold Benny back. Now the thing about crossing roads, we’re
not going to do this now because I actually have no idea where the other side is I think
it’s over there but when you’re crossing roads with a horse it may be advisable to hop off
and lead them because sometimes if you can’t get them to go straight across or go to a
place that’s off to one side of the trail they could end up stuttering in the middle
of the road and somebody will come around and as you can see both of these corners are
kind of blind, see now Benny’s thinking about something else because I’m thinking about
something else which is you guys so I’ve got to get back to Benny here and help him out
and make sure he doesn’t continue to be worried although there might be some other horses
out here, nobody responded but, sorry Benny just us, oh, I don’t hear anything, sometimes
you can watch your horse he’s going to try again, now I’m just letting him do this because
I’m ok with it I’m a bit curious too if there is another horse out here, I don’t think there
is Benny’s eating now so obviously there isn’t, ok we’re going to continue on our ride now
Benny get me out of the bushes this time, ok, continuing on I wonder if Benny will know
which way is home, and he does, but we’re not going home Benny, nice job pal, we’re
going that way, so let’s go well we’re on our way back, made it to the park it was nice
it’s been a good ride probably could have made it farther but I’ve got other things
to do so that’s ok just kind of gives you the idea that we’ve got to come back out and
do it again and that’s good inspiration, it never ceases to amaze me though when going
home horses get really quick they have this really slow speed for leaving and then coming
back they have this super duper fast speed to where you’re just at the edge of a fast
walk or a slow trot but it’s good, beautiful day again, just really really nice, perfect
day to be out again Benny is walking the edge, well he was so we should be back to the truck
in I don’t know twenty minutes or so. Well, we’re back in Allco, lens is a little
wet we went on a pretty good trail ride, went across some water things we learned at least
for Benny when he’s going away from home he doesn’t like streams that are smaller than
two feet but those big huge fifty foot ones, no problem, two foot ones nope it’s times
like that sometimes you have to walk the across just lead them nicely and continue on hop
back on and continue on your ride when we’re coming back though no problem at all just
gives them a sniff and checks them out and he’s good, watch the pothole so really great
ride still a beautiful day we got through everything made it to Golden Ears, get back
to the trailer go back home and have a coffee, so that’s about it see you guys again soon

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