Horse Stable Playset For Kids

August 24, 2019

Welcome to Racetoytime! Hi Guys! It’s Racetoytime! Today I have here a deluxe horse grooming stable play set Okay let’s get started, and here I’m going to show you the stable Then let’s put the pieces together to build the stable Here’s the stable. And here’s the horse And it also comes with a saddle blanket And when you push the head down it makes sounds ( Horse whinnies, neighs ) And also I’m going to show you the grooming accessories that came with the play set Okay and now I’m going to show you more accessories that came with the play set Here’s the ribbon that the horse won More grooming accessories A trophy And a first aid kit And also here’s a hanging feeding trough ( Horse whinnies, gallops ) Okay, well I hope you guys enjoyed this video, And if you do, please subscribe to Racetoytime channel And also, click on those links above to watch more fun videos here at Racetoytime channel Thank you for watching! Stay tuned! Bye, bye!

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