Horse Stretches : Carrot Horse Stretching Tips
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Horse Stretches : Carrot Horse Stretching Tips

August 12, 2019

So here is how we do the carrot stretch, I’m
not sure if Sheeku is done this before or not so we’ll try it and see. So you let them
smell the carrot and you slowly pull it back this way, there we go. And he took the carrot
part of it anyway, good boy. You can have the rest of that. And you ask them to stretch
underneath, show them the carrot so they know that there’s, you are not just asking them
to do this because of you’re trying to play tricks on them. Get them to stretch down.
And to start with just getting them to stretch their nose down to the floor and get used
to what you are asking them is enough. That’s it. Good boy. Ideally you want to keep their
head and neck straight when they are stretching. You don’t want them to be twisting it too
much cause that’s going to defeat the purpose, it’s going to stretch their back unevenly
and then you switch sides. And you do the other side. And the first time that you do this you really
need to be patient. That’s a good boy. You want to make sure that the horse understands
what you are asking them to do, that they don’t get hurried out by it,you want your
horse to be relaxed the whole time that you are working with them.

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