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Horse Surprise – Random Acts

August 16, 2019

Okay, we both want to go in the
helicopter. So, heads I go, tails you go? Okay, yeah. Great. Got it. drr-tcha! It’s heads. YES! I’m sorry. No, it’s good! It’s good! You should be excited. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ Today is the day! Lisa:All right, here we go.Emilie’s on her way and we
are minutes away from surprising Cassandra. ♪♪ [Man on radio]:
Okay, we’re airborne.
[gasp] [Man on radio]:Copy that,
November Juliet.
It like, makes your stomach,
like, jump around. [laughing] What a view. [Man on radio]:Cassandra
is still in the house.
Everyone stand by.They’re not ready yet. We have to hover
for a little while. The plan is for
Cassandra’s mom to get her out of the house
for a walk. Hopefully she’s feeling
up for it. [Man on radio]:
The door just opened.
Okay, they’re coming out
of the house now.
All right, Cassandra
just left her house and I’m going to go meet
her at the corner. Here we go. Are we about ready to land? [Man on radio]:We are
90 seconds away, hopefully.
I see the marks.They are at the bottom
of the parking lot
and they are just turning up
into the parking lot right now.
Go, guys, all cameras roll.Yeah, no, I know. No, you can’t– okay. Talk to you later, bye. Excuse me? I am so sorry to interrupt
your walk. I’m just not from this area and I’m thinking about coming
up to this area more. What– are you Cassandra? Yes. You’re not Cassandra Quist,
though. Yes, I am. Who are you? Oh my gosh! This is very fortuitous, because
I was looking for you. Can you hang on for a second? Yeah. Emilie? Emilie:Hello, hello?Yeah, bring her down.Okay, we’re coming in!What is going on? I’m Lisa. I’m from the show Random Acts and we do random acts of
kindness for deserving people, and we realize that
you love horses and we just thought you deserve to have a day that
you’ll never forget, so we’re going to take you
on a little ride to find some wild mustangs. [gasp] And here comesour lift.♪♪ [laughing] I can see theirexcitement
from here.
Hey guys! This is for you! Oh my gosh! Lisa:Have you ever tracked
wild mustangs?
No! Well let’s do it! Thanks! Come on! Well hello, ladies! Are you two ready to go? I hope you guys have
so much fun. You absolutely deserve it. Thank you! I’m still crying. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪There’s my house!That’s awesome.Now that they’re off, time for me to get ready
for phase two. ♪♪ This will be a good
starting point so start looking. We may start to see mustangs. Sounds good. Rob:If you look at the
valley floor,
you can see the trails
that they create
between the feeding locations
and water sources.
Lisa:Oh, yeah.Rob:Is that a group of horses
coming in?
No, that’s cows.We’ll find them.So I’ve snuck up to
the Scotsman Center which is only about a half hour
away from where Cassandra lives and I’ve met up with Tammy, the founder of
Hoofbeats to Healing, and with the help of her
and her employee Nicole, we’re going to start our
second surprise for Cassandra. Let’s get going. Let’s go. ♪♪ Meet our second surprise,
Blue and Olivia! We’re going on a horse ride
today. Can I help brush? Yeah, you’ll go through first
and I’ll go through after you. It’s been a hot second since
I’ve gotten to brush a horse. [whinnying] I know, I know. So we’e been talking to
Cassandra’s mom over the last couple of weeks, and she told us that
this surprise would mean the
world to Cassandra. We just hope that she has
enough strength for the ride. We’re going to let her decide
when she lands, but her mom has been making
sure that she’s been resting up so she’ll be
all ready to go. I really hope that she can, even if it’s just
for a little while. I really think
it’ll be worth it. ♪♪ They can’t all be hiding. Yeah. Adam:See them out there, Rob?Yeah, see them
standing there, the black one? Oh, oh, yes!Oh!That’s amazing!Oh, wow.That’s cool.Rob:Very good!Gorgeous! Rob:They have a baby.Five adults and a baby.Lisa:That’s so cool.Rob:They’re just down there
Just hanging out. Adam:I’m glad we saw some!Cassandra:With a baby,
it’s extra special.
Extra special. Rob:Should we go to those
other spots?
Cassandra:Sure.Rob:Okay.So tell me a little bit more
about Hoofbeats to Healing. I founded Hoofbeats to Healing
for people that have, like, a limitation physically. When you get on a horse,
your limitation is gone. They become your legs and
they become your movement and your freedom. I loved riding
horses as a kid and that’s exactly
the feeling that you get. I mean, our horses, they
don’t care who you are,you know, they don’t care
if you’re in a wheelchair.
They don’t care your
background. They love everybody. Now you’re going
to make me cry. It’s the horse hair. I’m allergic. Cassandra:Oh my goodness,
down here!
Rob:Very nice.♪♪ Cassandra:So beautiful!Lisa:Look at them!Adam:Wow!Lisa:Wow.So I assume that these horses
have a protected status,
is that correct?Rob:That is exactly right.Lisa:Oh, good.It really is something to see
them in their natural element,
don’t you think?Cassandra:Oh yeah.Beautiful.Adam:That’s amazing.Those are big herds.Rob:Yeah.That was a good group
right there.
Come on, Blue. [whinny] Yeah. Lisa:So now that we’re heading
back to civilization,
how was it?Cassandra:That wasamazing. It was so beautiful
and just wonderful. What draws you to horses
in particular? I don’t get to very often
but I love to ride.It’s just joyful.Just pure happiness.I love that.♪♪ Okay. Lisa:Do you guys mind?Emiliewants us to make
a little stop. I don’t mind. Lisa:Adam, you’ve got
the coordinates?
I do. I just heard they’re
on their way in. Let’s go meet them! Come on! [Man on radio]:Helicopter
coming in from the west.
Lisa:lt looks like a good
place to land, right?
[laughing] Thank you. That was so beautiful.It was just amazing.Lisa:It’s really neat to see
these kinds of experiences
but it’s another thing to, like
have a hands-on
experience. So Emilie has another
surprise for you. Oh, hey! Hey! Emilie:How do you feel like
going for a ride?
Sounds wonderful. Awesome. Well we’re going to spend the
afternoon with Olivia and Blue. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ Emilie:How long has it been
since you’ve been on a horse? Um… It’s about three years. Wow, that’s quite
a long time. Yeah. Cassandra looks like she’s
having a really great time. Oh yeah. How you doing? Doing good. Emilie:Oh, great.Barbara:I told her that wewere
going to have a girl’s excursionso she’s been resting
and that will help her.
I mean, she’ll be sore,butshe’s having the
time of her lifeand some things
are worth it.
We just love her.♪♪ Love you, thank you! [kiss] Lisa:We hope you’ve had
a really great experience
and that it’s been worth
the physical cost. Absolutely. It has been. It’s wonderful. Well it’s absolutely clear to us how important animals are
in your life, especially horses, and it seems like you and
Olivia really got along today. Yeah, I love her. Well that’s good, because
thanks to some amazing people at a foundation called the
Straighter Way, we’ve been able to adopt
Olivia for you. What? Guys! Oh my gosh! And so while she remains
at the stable, you have access to her
You can come and groom heror ride her if you’re
feeling up to it.
Guys. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that
happening for me. You guys are just–
oh my gosh. Let me just give you– Oh my gosh. 100%. You are amazing. And you deserve it. You really do.How does that sound,
what do you think, Olivia?
I think she’s cool with it. I’m going to be crying for
the rest of the day, guys. Oh my gosh. Let’s say hello. Hi! Hey. ♪♪ Oh, gosh. Lisa:That’s our show!A big thanks to
Robert Hammer–
Classic Helicopters–Emilie: The Scotsman Center, and of course,
Hoofbeats to Healing! Random Acts on three! One, two, three! Random Acts! Lisa: Hay, stop horsing around. Emilie: We know you’re chomping
at the bit to subscribe. Lisa: Yeah. Emilie: So, just saddle up
already, push that buton. Lisa: Why the long face? Emilie: What say ye?
Yay or neigh? Lisa: [neighs] [horse neighs] Emilie: Oh, I heard your vote. Did you hear that? He really wants you to
subscribe. Don’t make him angry. You wouldn’t like him
when he’s angry.

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  1. Geeze I just love you guys and all the people who jump on board to pull these Acts off❣️❣️ Thank you for the joy!

  2. Made me cry…love all you do for people Random Acts! God Bless you 🙂 I wish more people helped others like that…

  3. <3 <3 <3 10:55 Blue was super offended by that long face joke, the second he heard it. lol! That was so fun! I love that you guys do this!

  4. Beautiful! I want to be on an episode or two helping out!!!! This is me all the way! I can shoot some of the photography for the show!

  5. Her reaction was priceless! Blue is so funny! Olivia is so sweet! I know I've said this multiple times but I will say it again: YOU GUYS ARE TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! GO RANDOM ACTS!!!

  6. Horse therapy is the best! They are magnificent animals and a gift to us humans, as long as we respect them and are worthy of them. They are here for us.

  7. I am proud to call the group at Hoofbeats to Healing "friend".
    And happy to be able to special classes at the 2018 Andalusian World Cup show in honor of those that they help!

    Thank you Hoofbeats and thank you Random Acts for a wonderful job!!

  8. Thank you so much Random Acts! You guys are so amazing and you've totally changed my life. Love you!

  9. Can you come get me a horse please. I’ve been asking my parents for a couple months now. I live in Missouri and I’m 11 years old. My name is Dacey Ramsey. Please

  10. Send all those wild animals to the food and glue factories. Get some bulldozers in there and make some houses and a few strip malls.

  11. So wonderful to see deserving people receive happy surprises. I've loved horses all my life and I know how Cassandra feels about Olivia. Keep up the excellent work, Random Acts!

  12. According to the episode, she has Ehers-Danlos syndrome, a disorder of the connective tissues. Her short hair is because even the touch of her hair on her skin hurts.
    With all she's dealt, she's obviously a very strong young lady who can adapt to her constantly changing condition.

  13. Just watched three videos in a row. My heart nearly bursts from the good feelings. I'm a 42 Year old man. And not afraid of tears.

    I never loose the belief in the kindness of mankind. There are dark times. Really dark times. But there are also kind souls to lift you up. Just open your heart and arms. It's simple. Anyone can do it. And it means a lot.

  14. Thanks for the video,
    Random Acts, you guys are the best, love ya. BTW, I live in Ohio, I helped changed a couple of spare tires for other people in my life. Thought I'd share that.
    That's Wilmot, Ohio, USA

  15. I can't imagine how someone could ever dislike this video!! Thanks Team RANDOM ACT for spreading happiness around the world.

  16. god bless u i been watching for so long and u did a horse vid i love horses thay my fav i love em and what that lady said that they love everyone is soooo true god bless u all

  17. Wonderful kindness….awesome story…….my favorite……..but most of the reason why I can't explain……that girl……Cassandra…..her personality…..the way she talked……her attitude…..idk……can't put my finger on it… cool…..precious….I could listen and watch her all day……..hope her and Olivia are having a blast

  18. Makes me miss my horse. I had a Percheron named Mujaji. She was super intelligent. I had to give her to my grandparents when I moved, because I didn’t have the space, and my grandparents lived on 80 acres of land, enough for her to roam.

  19. I am a 53yo male and I watch your videos and they bring me to tears. My wife laughs at me but you guys keep up the good work.

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