Horse Tales: Animals in Need
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Horse Tales: Animals in Need

September 5, 2019

I’ve been around horses my entire life
and I’ve ridden so many of them and some of the absolute best trail horses and
ranch horses that I’ve been on are Mustangs. They’re heartier and they
understand the land. They can go on forever. They’re just great horses and
they are, I mean, they’re kind of the mutts of the world, of the horse
community, but they’re awesome. We have an an issue in the United States, as well as the world, with feral dogs and cats. People will spend a lot of money on high-end dogs and cats but some of the absolute best working dogs, and the best pets, I’ve ever met are mutts. I think there has to be a cultural change too. That people will start realizing that these wild horses
need homes and that maybe it’s less important to breed your own horse and
more important to come and adopt a horse, and I think that’s changed with
pets a lot in the past and so I don’t see why that couldn’t change with horses too. Exactly.

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  1. Dear Madeline… Your "entire life" amounts to 18 years? "Mutts?" Apparently, millennials do know very little about anything, and this issue is no exception. Please go back to school and leave important things like education to competent adults…
    Dear Illiana… The horses don't need adoption, they need competent management. This gather was conducted to make cattle ranchers more profitable, not to "save' these horses. The Appropriate Management Level (AML) being used to rationalize these gathers was established by a non-scientific study conducted by the cattle industry.
    Please, Madeline and Illiana, go back to eating Tide pods and wondering what gender you are.
    The USFS has NO experience in managing wild horses and burros. The woman who is running the Devil's Garden corral, Laura Snell, is a member of protect the harvest, a cattle special interest group that wants nothing more than for all of the mustangs/burros to be disappeared from PUBLIC LANDS! She has no knowledge,training, or educational background in wild horse management, but she was appointed to run the holding facility… this has resulted in having no proper equipment to sort, cut out, or load these animals. It's a shame to watch her "cowboys" try to handle these horses like cattle.
    The Devil's Garden gather is pay to play politics. The cattle ranching industry is behind this attempt to remove federally protected horses from our PUBLIC LANDS to benefit cattle ranchers with below-market grazing leases for their cattle.
    The USFS has no experience or expertise in managing wild horse and burro populations, that's why they hired a cattle rancher lackey to run the corrals…
    And, BTW, the Devil's Garden horses are not as wonderfully docile and trainable as these people would have everyone believe! Representing this herd as loving and gentle is irresponsible, but then so is the entire USFS horse management program!

  2. coming from nevada, i can say: it is changing.

    we have at least 5 large wild horse rehabilitation sites, and auctions all the time.

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