Horse Tales: Gentling
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Horse Tales: Gentling

October 22, 2019

The gentling process is very important. It takes the horse from wild to being equal
to a domestic horse. And it takes a week for some; it takes two months for others. It’s the most gratifying experience to gentle a horse. it is just wonderful. And they become your best friend. It’s one of those things where you establish a rapport and there’s mutual trust. The Mustang, you are starting out from scratch, a clean slate. Well, they’re a blank slate. So you’re not getting any problems that they grew up with. So whatever you put into ’em, you get out of ’em. When he makes that transition, then it all gets really good. When it clicks, everything kind of goes
in slow motion and you just feel that connection and it’s an amazing feeling. And when that happens, you just, shivers, and you go, “I got that connection.” She’s now my go-to horse, I mean she’s just the best trail horse ever. I use her on trail all the time. She connects so well. It’s incredible. And we have domestic horses as well, but she connects better than out domestics. I have three Mustangs. They’re doing fantastic. I took them when they were young and for anyone that one is doubtful about the wild, wild horse. It just takes a it just takes a bit, and you can gentle them down so they’re as good as any domestic horse in my mind. Once you’ve had a person whose had a real good relationship with a horse, and has made a connection, their life changes. So it’s an amazing feeling that I can only describe in my words that won’t do it justice. It’s addicting. It really is.
If you have the capability and the land and everything to do it. It’s addicting.

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