Horse Tales: Mustang Trainers
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Horse Tales: Mustang Trainers

October 26, 2019

I’ve trained all breeds, and I love all
horses, however with the Mustangs, it takes a lot to build that trust and get
that partnership. And once you do, they’ll walk through fire for you. I was born on a ranch in Big Pine
California and I always had that need to get back with horses and a lot of people
they’re just not quite educated enough to start a horse, especially a Mustang.
So we offer our services at a discounted price to get them gentled and re-homed. We’ve re-homed 25 horses. We want to get the older guys more of a
chance. We want to show their trainability. ‘Cause they need homes too. They’re tough and loyal. They just take a little bit longer. Today we plan on pulling six. Two are going to Canada. Two are going to Colorado and then two to Southern California. They tell us what they want. Do you want to trail ride? Do you want to rope? Do you want to do English? What do you want to do with it? Every horse will tell you what you need to know. he You just need to listen.

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