Horse Tales: Suzi and Bob
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Horse Tales: Suzi and Bob

August 17, 2019

So this is Bob and I really want to find
him a great home. He has a great disposition and he just looks like one that everybody will overlook. It looks like he’s had a little rough
patch with his face and his hair hangs down in dreads in his face. It just kind of looked kind of like he needed a friend, and so he and I have become buddies. I think this guy would be a great horse. He’s number 439. He’s right there in the middle. No. Behind this Bay. (Man) He’s got scars on his face. But it has been healing in the
past four weeks that he has been in here. He just has such a great disposition.
He’ll come to me when I call him. Hey Bob. Come on. Come here. Bob come here. I got food for you. Come here! No? Okay. But he’s super healthy and very well built. He’d be good for somebody to take home. I’m selling 439. He’s a sweetheart. I think they all deserve a good home.

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