Horse Therapy for Dementia Patients: A UC Davis Study
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Horse Therapy for Dementia Patients: A UC Davis Study

August 16, 2019

Even though you have a diagnosis that is scary and big, we really wanted people to start to think you can do something different. You don’t have to just have this diagnosis and it become who you are. So we chose working with horses to help be a therapeutic means for people to stay connected but it really isn’t the activity that is therapeutic. It’s the connection that people have on just a very sensory level with the horse that is therapeutic. [HORSE NEIGH] The interaction becomes more than just an activity. It becomes healing. I was emotionally demanding that the horse come to me, and he wouldn’t. He wouldn’t come. Then when I relaxed, he came. You know, and I said that was a good lesson for me. I see how he’s interacting, and it makes me feel good to know he’s feeling so positive about it. We weren’t doing anything together because we just seemed like we were getting farther and farther apart, because his ability to do things was getting so limited, and all of a sudden I feel like, in love with him again like I used to be. even though he’s not himself but I get it.

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