Horse Training for Equestrian Games : How to Compete in Dressage
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Horse Training for Equestrian Games : How to Compete in Dressage

August 13, 2019

To compete in dressage, you first want to
make sure that your horse is well groomed, they should be clipped and their mane should
be braided. As for tack goes, you don’t want to have any bell boots or boots on. You should
have a square nice clean, usually white saddle pad. A dressage saddle with just a nice, black
girth. For a bridle, you’re allowed to have a flash and for the bit, you want to check
your rule book and see which level of competition you’re going to be and which bits are allowed
and as for the riding, you should have nice control of your horse, you should be able
to perform each movement in your test with ease and your trainer should help you to figure
out which level of testing you should be doing. The rider should be wearing a paid of light
colored britches, tall boots that are polished, a white shirt underneath a black riding coat
or at least a dark colored riding coat. You should have your hair in a hairnet, you should
have a dark colored helmet on and either dark or light colored gloves depending on your

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