Horse Training for Equestrian Games : How to Compete in Hunter Hack
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Horse Training for Equestrian Games : How to Compete in Hunter Hack

August 16, 2019

To compete in hunter hack, you first want
to make sure that your horse is well groomed. In any hunter class, the horse is really being
looked at and so they should be shining clean. They should be clipped, their mane should
be pulled and in most cases, they should be braided. As for the tack, in a hunter hack
class, you don’t want to have boots on your horse, you don’t want to have a flash nose
band or a figure 8 nose band. You should probably have a snaffle bit end, a pilum would be OK.
You want to have a fitted saddle pad, white fitted saddle pad, a hunt seat saddle and
a plain leather or a fuzzy girth. All your tack should be sparkling clean. And for the
rider, they should be well turned out in a nice pair of beige or khaki riding pants,
tall boots that are polished, a long sleeved show shirt and jacket, your hair should be
in a hairnet and you should have a nice black velvet helmet on and gloves. In a hunter hack
class, your horse should be nice, flowing and have good movement. The horse’s gaits
are being judged, you’ll probably be asked to lengthen the horse’s stride and so the
horse should be easy to ask to do all these different things like going forward and coming

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  1. if you use a pellham bit make sure you dont use a bit converter you must use double reigns… my friend got points off for using a bit converter in a hunter class

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