Horse Training for Equestrian Games : How to Dress to Compete in an English Riding Event
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Horse Training for Equestrian Games : How to Dress to Compete in an English Riding Event

August 23, 2019

When dressing to compete in English riding
events, having all the right clothes can make a real difference. You want to begin with
having a pair of basic riding pants, usually a beige color with knee patches. You should
also have tall boots. A belt. A show shirt like this, long sleeve is best, your shirt
should also have a collar and a nice touch can be to have the front of the collar embroidered
like this. You also need to have a basic dark riding coat, navy blue or dark gray is usually
the best choice. You also will want to have a safe riding helmet, it should be black and
velvet and you also want to have hair nets to keep your hair neat and tidy underneath
the helmet. And a last thing would be to have a nice pair of black gloves.

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  1. i would not say "is best" because you can have different color jackets, like mine. My jacket is beautiful in my opinion so i would say that the classic colors would be navy blue or gray. and also, when i first began showing, i wore short boots (paddock) and had braids in my hair, not a hair net.

  2. well tbh i aint little anymore and i show still in little joddy boots without chaps, i got a black n pink show jacket and i sometimes braid my hair in plaites in summer and it dont affect me n my horse gettin placed

  3. Can I buy white breeches for showing instead of beige? Because my normal riding ones are black because I think that it looks like you're naked when you wear beige ones XD

  4. I agree. Must be white pants, black boots, SPURS, no whip (unless you are showing in a smaller level) , white gloves ONLY, you can have a normal helmet, and for very high dressage, a top hat, your jacket MUST BE BLACK WITH THREE BUTTONS, you need a rat catcher on your shirt collar, and for your hair, it must be in at least a decent bun, the best is NOT a hairnet, but a clip-on bun holder with ribbon. I mean come on, they got a LOT wrong.

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