Horse Training for Equestrian Games : How to Trot
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Horse Training for Equestrian Games : How to Trot

August 15, 2019

To learn how to trot, you first need to make
sure that you’re comfortable walking and that you just have basic control over the horse.
You want to make sure you can stop and walk on and that you’re comfortable steering as
when we go to the trot, these things will be a little bit harder because you’re moving
faster. So from the walk to get your horse to trot, you’re going to close both your legs
and they should trot on. If you haven’t trotted before then you should probably be on the
lunge line for the fist time that way you don’t have to worry too much about steering
and you’ll probably start sitting the trot like so instead of posting and you’ll learn
posting after.

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  1. i can already do posting trot… but i need to learn how to do sitting trot cuz ill need to do that to canter, i can allready canter lol but anyone got any tips on sitting trot?

  2. i always keep my chin up, higher than usual. pretend your butt is just moving with the saddle, and 'plant' your knees to the ground. xD there are a lot of tutorials and stuff–keep working on it! it'll come!

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