HORSE TRASH GARBAGE | Friendship Advice (by @mikefalzone)
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HORSE TRASH GARBAGE | Friendship Advice (by @mikefalzone)

September 5, 2019

“So I’m rly hung ugh- oooo…good start….so I’m really up about a friendship that
I’ve recently lost. I’ve been friends w this guy for ages- are you British?! British people say “ages”… (in bad accent)I’ve been friends with this guy for ages and
tbh there where a couple of occasions where here he was a lil shitty and I let him off when
he apologized-..he apol-o-gized…(how do you guys say “apologized”? She’s probably from Wyoming…I’m f*cking up) – but recently he got a new girlfriend and therefore decided we can not be friends. How much of the weirdness came from you guys hooking up? …and I can be wrong.What what I’m doing right now is “assuming”…but… Lemme know I’m literally gutted about it (one horn honk) because apart
from the odd aforementioned times, he was one of the best friends I’ve ever had. He helped me through a lot of shit that no
one else knows about. Since ending our friendship I’ve messaged
him a couple of times when I’ve really been struggling because I don’t know who else to
speak to. Know one knows me like him. Now I’m not messaging you to ask how to make
him be friends w me, I don’t want a friend that doesn’t want me (YEAH!), but how do I stop being
so hung up about it when I have so many people around me that care about me? I feel so so so betrayed and hurt and I know
it’s not worth thinking about but I can’t rly help it. Advice plz, Maddie x”
MIKE I’m sorry to hear about your old friend Here’s a thing that took me a really long
time to learn: it’s ok for certain people to only be in your life for a small
amount of time.- doesn’t make it suck any less It makes them: “Limited time only” it’s what made the Starbucks
Peppermint Mocha so special (not a sponsor). The
goal is to get hung up on the least about of shit before you die. Then you win. You’ll be dead, but it doesn’t matter because
you would- would have- you would have WON! -will have won. will-n’t You will-n’t have LOST Look at it like this- if you just let things lie the way they are right now (salute)
you never know what can happen in the future. You could re-connect again somewhere
down the line. Maybe not. Either way, you’re gonna meet a lot of people in between
and you have very little say over how people come in and out of your life. Unless you forcibly remove those people Like my friend Adam: in 7th grade I got onto the bus and I said “what’s up Adam? How are YOU?!” and I was wearing my new Started jacket for a team I lived nowhere near. And he said “Oh I’m pretty good, last night I gave your current gf hickeys on her books…so…adam was OUT He was- Adam was OUT Adam… Adam was OUT after that. Ideally, the goal is
to have the best time with the people who make you the most happy. It’s why you watch the same old Christmas
movie every year instead of new, overproduced, horse-trash-garbage. Not an the best analogy, but not bad either. Right? Merry Christmas. (stamp sound) stamps a November calendar.

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  1. definitely not a bad analogy, the holiday movies have very much been overproduced horse poopoo. Glad to see creativity in the absence of your f'd up printer.

  2. Great advice! I love the accent. Back in my high school/early college drama days, the teacher would always have ME do the accent to show the other kids how to do it. I just watched a lot of movies and TV with my dad, and I guess that's how I picked them up. I didn't know I was good at it until drama class. Anyway, I never wanted to be in the plays, so I was kind of the voice coach plus anything else that needed doing (makeup, some directing, prop design, etc.). I'll shut up right after I say: Thanks for the laughs! =)

  3. everytime i watch one of ur advice videos i still think about that suptic joke where he says "go tell another teen they're young and to be themselves" and i crack up every time

  4. canadians also say ages, so could either be English or Canadian. either way dude, I know its hard to get over a close friendship like that; but yeah you will meet way better people; focus on those people that are still here and care about you dude.

  5. The stamp at the end has me confused… Did this video just make the entire month of November it's bitch? Also how many tic-tacs do you think are too many? so many questions… another great video as always Champ! (I don't normally say champ, just trying it out… what you think? yes? no? oh this comment is too long? I'm sorry I'll go now…)

  6. Moral of the story; don't be friends with crappy people. Especially if those people put hickeys on your significant other.

  7. Well, you know what they say about assuming… sometimes your wrong. Love all your things and stuff mike! It all brings me an immeasurable amount of happiness. I’m serious you can’t measure it. I think people have tried but science stopped them or something.
    Also, I listened to the latest banter. My friends and I call pretty much everyone bud.

  8. controversial opinion: the person is from australia. the use of "ages" and "literally" makes my vegemite senses tingle.

  9. Sorry to break to you Mike, but peppermint mochas are available all year long, you just can't always get the little swirly curls on top. Not a lot of people know that, but I used to work there.
    Now, pumpkin spice and eggnog lattes are a good example of limited edition!

  10. Just like you don't see a doctor when you feel fine, when a big part of your relationship is "getting through some shit," it can end very quickly.

  11. As a starbucks barista, I'm sorry to inform you that the analogy doesn't actually work…the peppermint mocha isn't actually a limited time offer..
    But hey, that's good news if you like it!

  12. /pauses
    Guys, protip, the peppermint syrup is available year round at Starbucks. It's pumpkin spice and other nonsense that's seasonal.
    Okay carry on.

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