Horse Trekking in Mongolia’s Khan Khentii Wilderness – a Stone Horse Guest recalls the Ride
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Horse Trekking in Mongolia’s Khan Khentii Wilderness – a Stone Horse Guest recalls the Ride

October 16, 2019

I’m Susan Antenen from New York in the United States. I’ve been to Mongolia numerous times. I worked in conservation, and helped set up the Nature Conservancy’s grassland conservation program here. But this is the first time that I have gotten to ride, for many many days, out into the wilderness of Mongolia.
We rode through Gorkhi Terelj National Park which is forest steppe and then up into the
Khan Khentii wilderness area. And we were out for ten days, and it was totally thrilling.
I enjoyed the camping, the riding, the horses were amazing, not matter what they had to
deal with. The landscape – you can’t beat. The thing I loved about this trip is that
it is the real Mongolia. And riding horses is the best way to really immerse yourself
in Mongolia. And this trip, it offers so many different parts of Mongolia – the steppe,
the grasslands – and the grasses filled with wildflowers. And we got to cross rivers and
streams. And then we headed up into the Khan Khentii which is more mountains and forest
and bogs and rivers and lakes. And, very wild, we saw bear droppings, moose droppings. We
didn’t unfortunately see the animals, but we saw their signs.
And then, coming back, coming over a steep mountain pass into the forest steppe again.
And this time of year is when all the herders are out haying, and, with scythes or with
tractors and making mounds of hay. Finally by the end of the trip I actually was pretty
comfortable trotting for hours on end, and that was a great sense of satisfaction. So,
I’d do it again. I’d do it twice again. I loved it.

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