HORSE TROUGH and HITCHING POST, cinematic animations | Rust update 28th June 2019
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HORSE TROUGH and HITCHING POST, cinematic animations | Rust update 28th June 2019

August 31, 2019

Greetings survivors and friends, I hope you’re
all… well.. Shadowfrax here with your weekly nugget of Rust news, and it looks like we
have a few more cinematic animations now.. More on that in a moment, but first! It’s the summer sale on Steam, or winter sale
if you live in the south I guess.. and Rust has decided to partake, which means it’s currently
a whopping 75% off, so now’s the time to grab a few copies for your mum, dad, family pets
and a couple of spare ones in case you accidentally get banned for totally unfounded reasons. Also, just when you thought it was safe to
stop having to achieve anything in your life.. Facepunch went and added not 6 but 7 more
hidden achievements.. and if you don’t want spoilers then close your ears now because
I’m going to spill the beans.. They are: Glutton – from filling your food bar
Sealbreaker – from Filling your hydration bar
Save the planet – by recycling an empty can
I’m the capain now – by reaching the bridge of the cargo ship
On the deck – If you land a minicopter on an oil rig helipad
Giddy up! – for riding a horse for 1km (I think all in one go, but I haven’t tested
it yet) And Something of a scientist myself – awarded
for murdering 5 scientists, well done you! Some are obviously easier than others and
remember, you can only get them whilst playing on official servers.. shudder Ok, so I mentioned cinematic animations and
firstly if you saw my quick addendum to last week’s update you’ll know that we have a rudimentary
ability to gesture at each other now.. I don’t want to repeat myself completely, so if you
want to know how to use and bind each one to a key then please watch that video after
this.. In short though, we have 7 new gestures to
start with, more are planned and Helk is currently busy trying to get them to work in first person
and will be adding a gesture wheel, or pie menu so that we only have to remember one
key in order to use them.. Something else added to staging in the last
couple of days, were convars for cinematic player animations, and although originally
intended just for in house purposes, the team have very kindly exposed them to us so we
can use them ourselves.. First of all, you’ll need to switch server.cinematic
to true in console, then to find out which animations are available you can use cinematic_list..
Both these convars are admin only, although anyone can actually trigger the animations
on their character if they are switched on. Here are the current ones, and although there’s
some overlap between these and the gestures.. we can now also point, stand idly and use
player preview animations for different status ailments such as thirst, injury, cold and
fatigue.. plus intriguingly there’s one for landing after a skydive… Of course, this won’t be a surprise to you,
if you’ve been watching my channel for a while because I have spoken about the plan to add
skydiving in the past, although it’s currently in CONCEPT LIMBO.. Anyway, to use an animation on staging, in
the console type cinematic_play followed by the name of the one you want.. At the moment
some of them don’t automatically end, so you’ll have to use cinematic_stop afterwards if you
don’t want to be sliding around the landscape like this.. Although you might enjoy that.. Another 2 convars we’ve been given and that
won’t really be of use to you unless you want to win a staring contest are eye_blinking
and eye_movement.. and I’m sure you can figure out what they do yourself.. I know most players
will have no real use for any of these, but as a content creator it is a pretty big thing
and I’d like to say thanks to the devs.. Thanks devs, thevs. Unless you’ve been living inside a saddle
bag for the last month you’ll know that the thing everyone wants to own in Rust these
days is a horse.. They’re only human of course.. Saddley, the geegees don’t like to stay around
for long, thanks to the prevalance of rustlers and their being afflicted with a nasty case
of terminal claustrophobia.. However, this will soon change as the plan is to add both
feeding troughs and hitching posts to the mix.. I notice the trough has two sections, which
may indicate both pies and ale will be needed to keep your neddy contented.. although I’m
sure we’ll get more details soon.. Another thing that’s being worked on and bar
any major hurdles should be making it in the next patch is a rework to horse skins, and
although it may be a bit longer until the animations are changed.. You can soon expect
to stumble across a wide variety of different horse colourations.. including my favourite
of course – the piebald.. As you can see these are a lot more realistic,
with better definition and veins.. You’ll be able to identify yours in a herd more easily
and manes and tails are going to look a lot better too.. majestic! There were some fresh optimisations this week
including a few miscellaneous ones for minicopters.. and a number of commits relating to how trees
are rendered.. A new treemanager was added which should save memory along with trees
now being pooled and no longer spawning their skin as a separate object.. Streamermode was added to the options menu,
for those of us who like to play hard to get whilst broadcasting and don’t want to have
to type it in everytime. And finally, a lot of grunting and straining
is going on behind the scenes to overhaul Rust’s graphics including implementation of
HDRP (high definition render pipeline), new environmental shaders and changes to procedural
map generation.. Only a handful of images have snuck out so far, but already these are
looking rather nice. Hopefully there’ll be some performance boosts
from these as well, although we’re going to have to be patient as of course art cannot
be rushed.. and I’m not sure how much if any change we’ll see come the next patch on July
4th, but stay tuned and I’ll keep feeding you nuggets as I get them. Right, leave me a like if you please and if
you’re not subscribed then now is as good a time as any.. I love to read your comments
and will be replying to as many as I can bring myself to.. Come and join me on Twitch where
I try to stream 3 times a week, and follow me for updates on Twitter, Facebook, Discord
and my Steeeeam group too..I shall catch you all soon of course, but in the meantime, keep
calm and stay Rusty, Cheerio! Staring contest GO!

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  2. Facepunch: horsies!

    Everyone: yay!

    Me: it wont be long until we can make armor for the horses…then…the great rust war can begin.

  3. gesture idle_stand
    cinematic_play point
    cinematic_play thumbsup
    cinematic_play victory
    cinematic_play wave
    cinematic_play preview_thirsty_all
    cinematic_play preview_hurt_arm_all
    cinematic_play preview_cold_all
    cinematic_play preview_fatigued_all
    cinematic_play skydiving_land
    (thanks me later)

  4. I bought Rust for my brother, so we can play together… Game was not that bad optimized when I last played… 30-45mins to load into server. When got there game runs well. Game is on HDD and I'll try to download it to SSD. Any other help?

  5. Fantastic! The immersion is only increasing!

    Also, I won the staring contest. You screamed first! Though, I'm sorry I had to put you through all that.

  6. Can the devs perhaps add armor for the hourses. Think that would be cool and maybe armore towards the copter as well like heavy armor would make the copter take off longer and fly slower and non armor would make it lighter and faster that could be awesome for raiding

  7. 5:17 wow, that almost looks like a photo
    I hope 'sky-diving' doesn't mean only being able to jump from very high up… I hope it means we will be able to craft (when bp'd), a parachute (maybe Level 2 item, 1000+ cloth, 6 rope) which is deployable (in the sense that it deploys when you jump down off ANYTHING that is higher than say, 3 x base- wall heights off the ground…. how awesome it would be to be able to jump off high monuments or even cliffs!

  8. I've gotten all the new achievements except glutton and sealbreaker, I am playing on 3 rustafied servers under official.

  9. I dunno about you, but I like the idea of moving around stuck in one animation pose.

    SUCKS when achievements are for Official Servers Only, instead of widespread across any server. Modded or otherwise Vanilla community servers.

  10. Thank you Shadow for your work I love to be able to just watch your videos and know what's up appreciate it mate!

  11. Another rust idea would be to add livestock that you could keep which could produce various stuff like hides, fur, milk and food etc. I wanna see someone turn half a Rust map into a sheep farm xD

  12. add some sort of torch cutter as an added way to get into bases ? …reminiscent of when it was done in aliens movie.

  13. why dosent RUST fix all the bugs and bad patches first or the memory leaks? last thing we need is another broken asset to load. come on u gotta be able to play the game to enjoy the QOL upgrade.

  14. Crrrrrrrrrracking content as usual good sir! The offer to make an escape room is still on the table, but I wanted to ask if you could pull some strings and bring the most logical thing to rust…
    Apple Trees.
    You can open a crate and find apples…. you can cut down a tree…… you cant find an apple tree that spawns apples naturally. Now, one cant exactly play the radioactivity card as… other crops grow [and trees]. It might spark the further debate for the addition of berry bushes [which – correct me if I'm wrong – is in either Concept Limbo or the pipeline?], and also chicken coops/agriculture or farming abilities in general [You can see wild chicken and boar, but cant build a little wooden structure to contain them?]. Personally, I think that would make Rust live more up to the 'survival' element in its tag, instead of having to survive the salt of the earth as well as the terrain.

    Either way mon frere, cracking work and keep them updates coming [and I'll keep coming back :D]

  15. I just spent 10 minutes looking around my boat for the source of a leak. only to realise that dripping sound was being played by the video… scared me.

  16. now it's the time where ESP users will buy 10 copies of rust to go and spread cancer for a couple of months until the next steam sale

  17. You guys sale Rust so every hacker easy to buy the Rust on now i always meet hacker nowadays and you guys never ban hacker like24h i played this game like 4800h but now on i want to leave the Rust cause you guys never ban hackers and not listening my report ticket

  18. will there be code for the horse to become "yours" somehow… so it doesn't run away from you or even come to you/follow you

  19. Been watching your videos for a while but only just downloaded the game(steam sale) I am absolutely hooked fella lol luvit

  20. No strip mine monument?? REEEEEEEEEEEEEE lol Hilarious opener Shadow… btw… I won the random staring contest surprisingly rofl

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