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Horse Vaccines – Ulcergard – Merck – Zoetis Horse Vaccines

October 28, 2019

Looking for brand name Horse Vaccines? Look no further than Horse Warehouse for major
brands like Merck, Boehringer-Ingelheim and Zoetis. And our top selling vaccine, Prestige 5 plus
West Nile. We also sell the popular Vetera Gold XP at
prices less than your veterinarian pays. Over 80% of horse owners vaccinate their own
horses to save money and you do not require a prescription to purchase. Other popular Horse Vaccines are West Nile
Innovator series, sold in 10 dose vials and single doses. Other top vaccines are Pneumabort K for pregnant
mares, Fluvac Innovator EHV4/1 to protect against Flu and Rhino. EquiRab is the Horse Rabies vaccine sold in
all states. Horse Warehouse is proud to be the #1 Seller
of Ulcergard on the internet with manufacturer mail in rebates until the end of 2017. All vaccine orders are securely shipped by
UPS Second Day Air, shipping is Free on orders of $500 or more. For more information on Horse Vaccines, please
visit or call 800-530-1713.

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