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August 21, 2019

So I heard you like clicking buttons
and getting notifications Well, subscribe, hit the little bell icon
and you’ll get them daily! – [Tony] Alright, Alex.. Beast.. Versu..
– [Alex] *indistinctly* – [Tony] I’m doing an intro! – [Alex] Okay, okay! – [Tony] Alright, Alex..
*Alex interrupts again* – [Tony] God damn it! – [Tony] Alright, Alex.. Beast versus machine! *Intense instrumental music*
– [Tony] Oh, no! *Crash* – [Alex] Oh, Jesus!
*Both laugh* [WHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOSSSSSHHHHHH] [Cool metal clanking] [Sweet female voice: Tony is here] – [Alex] Hey, it’s Hillbilly Bob! – [Tony] Hey, MasterBaiting69!
– [Alex] Do you know what I can do? – [Tony] What [AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH YOU TOUCH MY TALALA!] Anyway, Alex, welcome to my humble abode! This is what farming has brought me,
I live in a freakin’ mansion This pool.. see this pool right here? – [Tony] It’s my pool!
– [Alex] Oh, well, I’m in it – [Tony] Get out of my pool! – [Alex] I peed in your pool
– [Tony] God damn it! – [Tony] So I have all this stuff here – [Alex] I don’t see very much
plants and crops, and.. woah! Well! – [Alex] ‘Tis a small-ass well,
it goes to, like, two feet – [Alex] What’s the point of the rope? – [Tony] Dude, this is just to look good,
I don’t need it to function – [Tony] I just bought this with my farming money
– [Alex] You have no farm – [Tony] I DO!!11 – [Alex] Where is your farm?
– [Tony] Follow me to my farm, tududud! – [Tony] Hey, those are my piggies, dude!
– [Alex] Piggy! – [Tony] Those are my piggies! – [Alex] How do I pig them? 😀 – [Tony] You can pet them.. I think You see, they’re eating all the time,
and they’re eating the ground – [Alex] How do I hit ’em?
– [Tony] You can’t hit ’em, duuuudd! You can turn on the flashlight
and annoy them – [Alex] RRRRRR RRRRAAARRRGHHH RRARARRRWWWW – [Piggy] What the hell is this lunatic doing? – [Tony] So there are my piggies,
come here, let me show you more This is my car right here,
maybe I can drive you around later – [Alex] Wait, you got a car?
– [Tony] Yeah, dude, of course I got a car! I’m pretty sure you can also ride horses,
I just don’t know how I don’t know how to do any of it Oh my God! I can ride the horse! *GODTONYGASP* Oh my God! Okay, let’s have a race! – [Alex] WAT? – [Tony] I’m gonna take my stallion,
and you take the car *Alex laughs* – [Tony] I also need to get away from Jerry,
he’s singing Cardi B all the time God damn it, Jerry! *Singing Cardi B* – [Tony] Alright, I just need to figure out,
how this works now – [Alex] The truck is..
– [Tony] I got it, I got it.. – [Tony] I cleaned my horse You clean it by left-clicking
and now it is time, Alex.. IT IS TIME!
CAN YOUR CAR DO THAT?! Hold on, but I can do this! [Dramatic instrumental music] *Poink* – [Tony] WOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH
– [Alex] JESUS, MAN! [Energetic electro music]
– [Alex] I can hit you, I’m definitely gonna hit you – [Tony] Dude, you’re ruining my crops
– [Alex] Come back here! – [Tony] Alright, Alex, Beast versus Machine Uh.. do you see the shop on the map? We’re gonna race to the shop,
see who gets there first And then, once we get to the shop, we’re gonna buy
all the kinds of stuff that we don’t need! – [Alex] Why are you on my truck?! – [Tony] Because I started! – [Alex] Alright.. [Upbeat electro music]
– [Tony] Here we go! Man versus Machine, round one! – [Alex] No, you ain’t doing it, cya dude!
– [Tony] But I can jump! – [Alex] Cya!
– [Tony] Come on! [Sad music]
– [Alex] Oh, Jesus! – [Alex] Oh, God..
– [Tony] BUT I CAN JUMPPP! – [Alex] No! I can’t get past the fence! [Upbeat electro music]
– [Tony] A-ha-ha! See ya suckeerrrrr! – [Tony] I knew that jumping would be useful *Laughs* – [Tony] Oh, nooooo! – [Alex] Ah, Jesus, no!
*Tony laughs* – [Tony] Oh, God… – [Tony] It’s hilarious..
– [Alex] You’re done! I’m on the main road! – [Alex] Oh, Jesus, not the fence!
– [Tony] Did you really hit another fence? – [Alex] I can unfold car, what does that mean? – [Tony] Ah, you open up the back – [Tony] Can you stop for a second and press X?
I wanna record that [Car does: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA]
*Tony laughs* – [Alex] No, why would you?..
You got ahead of me! – [Tony] Dude, I’m not! [Fast-forward] [Success tune]
– [Tony] Yeeeah, I’m the first one to the shop! – [Tony] That’s what you get for stealing my horse! – [Tony] Oh, no! His head has stuck in the wall,
what do we do now, man? – [Tony] We need to..
– [Alex] This! – [Tony] We need to s.. Uhm.. what?! [LikeABoss!] – [Tony] BAAAM! What a thumbnail picture! That is awesome! First of all, all the animals need to eat All the animal need caring and cleaning So once we get back to the farm,
we need to clean the animals Until then, let’s figure out,
how to give them something to eat Why are you just standing there so awkwardly?
You’re not even moving your hands – [Alex] I’m looking at things to buy
and I think I know what we need to buy – [Alex] I tried to buy forklift – [Tony] Aaahhh, that would be so cool! – [Tony] We need bales for the horses – [Tony] Pig food! Oh my God, pig food!
BAAAAM! Bought! Here’s the pig food, man,
how do we transport this back? We need a forklift..
Buy a forklift, dude! – [Alex] I don’t think we can..
Ohh, we can get a truck – [Tony] I think that
you can’t buy anything, but I can – [Tony] OH MY GOD!
OH MY.. – [Alex] No, no, don’t get the big one! – [Tony] IT’S HERE! AAAWWWW LOOOK AT THISSS!11
– [Alex] NO, WHY WOULD YOU.. *Engine turns over*
– [Tony] OH MY GOD! And dude, get out of my forklift! – [Tony] I just paid a lot of money for that! *Alex laughs*
– [Tony] That look ridiculous! *Alex laughs*
– [Tony] Oh my God! That’s a freakin’ transformer!
That’s not a forklift! *Alex laughs* Forklift Transformer, this summer
Directed by Michael *BOOOOM* Bay! *More BOOOOMS*
MICHAEL BAY! Oh my God! *Both laugh*
– [Tony] That is insane! I’m gonna go there,
I’m gonna help you out on the field I’m here, Alex,
what do you need me to do? Can you not figure it out?
Can you not grab the pig food? – [Alex] Uuhhhmmm.. – [Alex] What if I press this?
– [Tony] Oh my God! – [Tony] You can do nothing!
You have no power here, machine! – [Tony] I think I bought the wrong forklift But it was definitely worth the investment We will find out later what it actually does Here we go, moment of truth! Let’s see if I’m actually good at this game *Metronome sounds*
*Alex coordinates* Here we go, here we go, here we go.. Come on, come on, come on..
*Alex coordinates* I’m in, I’m in, I’m in, I’m in..
Oh God, I’m in! Oh my God! I actually have to do it
manually with my mouse! Oh, that is.. that’s very..
Oh my God, that’s much harder, than I thought UUuuuuuhhh, that is SO COOL! Alright, I got it, I got it
I understand how it works now [Who Wants to Be a Millionaire theme] [Fast-forward] Alright, that’s good [Fast-forward] Heeeyyy! No, that’s not good..
*Laughs* [Success tune]
AAHH, IT IS! AHHHH! I am so impressed right now! Ah, it’s fastened, perfect!
Let’s go feed the pigs! Alright, I’m gonna take the big forklift – [Tony] Let’s go, man
– [Alex] What about the horse? – [Tony] Oh yeah, right, I gotta take the horse Come here, Bud!
Alright, I’m going with Bud I’m pretty sure I can actually teleport! – [Alex] What? You already there? – [Tony] Yeah, man, I told you, I’m fast! – [Alex] This car is a pain the d#$k to drive!
– [Tony] Come on, I paid a lot of money for that car! – [Tony] It’s freakin’ PIMP, shut up! – [Tony] Oh, I should’ve brought the forklift – [Alex] Ah, yeah, that might’ve been a good idea!
I’ll go get the forklift – [Tony] Alright, in the meantime,
I’ll try to figure out, how to feed the pigs! – [Alex] Tony! – [Alex] Can you teleport to me, please?
– [Tony] Why? What’d you do? – [Tony] Where’s Bud? – [Alex] Come over here to me – [Tony] Where’s Bud?
Did you leave Bud on the street? – [Alex] Come over here, I was trying to steal you
a new car and this is what happened to me – [Tony] Wait, I’m coming Let’s go, Buuuuuuudddd! Oh yeeeeeaaahhh, Buuuuuddd! Wwwwhhaaaattt?! *Both laugh*
– [Alex] I tried to steal you a car… – [Tony] Alright, Alex, go! Do it!
Where the car.. Oh my God! Alex, I have the perfect idea, follow me!
We’re gonna feed the pigs later! – [Alex] Okay
– [Tony] Follow my horse! – [Tony] We’re gonna go to the city! [Dramatic instrumental music]
[PARARAPAPA-PARARAPAPAPAPAPA] TO THE CITYYYYYYY – [Tony] Yeah, I should’ve taken the car or somethin’ Oh my God! The city looks beautiful! This is my city! Hillbilly Bob riding alone into the sunset! Dude, the weird thing with this city
is there’s garbage everywhere And all the people, they all look the same And they’re just walking by,
walking through you, they don’t even talk to you They don’t do anything!
These people are lifeless! Make them have more life! *Poink* [Party Horns]
Awwww, trickshots! With Bud and Hillbilly Bob The plan is almost in motion! We have been looking through the city
and we know exactly what to do! Now, only thing that’s left,
before we can go to robbing cars We need to feed the pigs So it says the only way to use pig food,
is to dump it into the feeding trough At the pigs tie – [Alex] Wouldn’t that be right here,
where we’re at? – [Tony] Yeah, so we need to put it there
with the forklift, I guess Let’s do one by one.. alright – [Tony] Go feed the pigs, man,
I’m gonna chill in the pool for a little bit – [Tony] Alright? Feed the pigs
and then later we’re gonna rob people – [Tony] Sounds like a perfect plan! – [Alex] I’m always the guy that does everything
– [Tony] I mean.. the water’s nice here – [Tony] Go, do it!
You’re not the narco-farming boss, I am! What? No, no, no! You’re gonna flip over!
Come on!.. Alright, there we go *Engine sound* Pick it up! Pick it up, nice and easy! Nice and easy..
Alright, alright, there you go, that’s good! Now.. do something with it.. dump it! *Engine sounds* Ah, not me! Dump the thing! – [Alex] I will, give me a second, hold on – [Alex] I wanna dump it right.. *Engine sound* – [Alex] [Three weeks later] – [Alex] How do we make money in this game? – [Tony] By having clean pigs,
who reproduce and then we sell them – [Tony] And then.. with horses we do the same – [Tony] And then with chicken we can sell eggs,
or we can have sheep, and then we have milk and stuff – [Tony] Then we can also sell crops – [Tony] But we don’t really have a farm,
because we don’t have any money to buy equipment – [Tony] Because you wasted it on a big-ass forklift!
That we don’t even know how to use! – [Alex] But that was you! – [Tony] Ah yeah, that’s right – [Tony] Best investment ever! I don’t know
how to use it, but it looks freakin’ amazing! – [Tony] It’s like a freakin’ spaceship in here! – [Tony] The pig food mystery
will remain a mystery for now Because I have bigger ambitions
and they can not wait! Let’s meet up at the bakery! But dude.. if you were able to steal cars
and sell them on the black market.. We wouldn’t need to do anything!
Is that right, Hillbilly Bob? – [Hillbilly Bob] Yeeeeahhhhh Come on, come on, you can do it, forklift!
You can do it! You can get up the mountain! If you really try, if you really want to,
you can do anything you want! Come on, forklift, come on, motivation! [Cheerful motivational instrumental music] – [Hillbilly Bob] Wooohoooo forklift!! Let me try to pick up you and Bud *Laughs* That is SO WEIRD! Let’s go, man, we have cars to steal! Now, I’ll just hide here.. in the bushes Where no one will see me,
no one will suspect a thing [Pink Panther theme]
Alright, the forklift is barely noticeable You’re gonna stand there with the horse,
because the horse attracts less attention [Intense music]
I’m going.. I’m going in, I’m going in! I’M GOING IIIIIINNNNNN11! *farts* NO, it doesn’t work! [Car honks] Dude, the car is honking at me,
I’m gonna honk back [Honks back] – [Alex] He doesn’t look too happy – [Tony] Of course, would you be happy,
if a forklift tried to lift your car? – [Tony] Okay, this is not how I imagined
the car robbery to go, to be honest [Transport items from Port Southeast
to the Sugar Mill] Yeah, that what I tried last time,
we’ll at least do it I’m at the harbor, good thing the horse can jump! So I need to watch out for fences! [HARSH SOUND]
– [Alex] What did you do? [Sad music] – [Alex] What did you do?
– [Tony] Where’s my horse now? – [Tony] Ah, Bud is back in the stables – [Tony] It teleported! Wait,
Bud could teleport the whole time? I’m just kinda stuck in the water
*laughs* – [Alex] You should go back to the house
and bring the pickup truck here – [Tony] Why?
– [Alex] So we can load it into the pickup truck Pigs, hang in there,
the food will be with you soon! Don’t you worry..
Until then, just eat that mud I’M COMIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGG
[Truck does: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA] *Singing Pirates of the Caribbean* TRICK STUNTS WWWWWHHEEEEEWWWWWHHH Oh my God! I almost got the car stuck in the tree
And now I’m upside down The truck is gone – [Alex] Are you serious?
– [Tony] Yeah.. *Laughs*
I don’t know, how to flip it Come on, flip!
There’s gotta be a button to flip it, right? I can honk
*Honks* Let me help you, I can be useful I can be useful! Come on.. I didn’t get it stuck,
it’s just upside down and I can’t flip it – [Alex] Delivering these two crates.. – [Tony] WHAT DID I JUST DO?! DUUUD! OH MY GOD! I AM ACTUALLY
PARKOURING ON THE ROOFS! [Beautiful female vocal] [Beautiful female vocal
instrumental part joins] – [Tony] Parkour! Alright, Alex, put it here, next to me BAAAAM! That’s it! That’s it!
– [Alex] One of two done – [Tony] Right.. oh, man.. – [Alex] We’re gonna get your truck now
– [Tony] Check out my parkour skills! – [Tony] PARKOUR!
– [Alex] I already have – [Tony] If I do this right and use physics,
I can get this off without you – [Alex] Oh.. really?
– [Tony] Aaaand.. physics! I did it! [Success tune] – [Alex] Did you really?..
– [Tony] OOohhhh, we did it! – [Tony] We just got 678 euros! And we wasted 1,500.. That’s a good investment, alright? Anyway, this is an hour of footage, man
And we did nothing! *chuckles* – [Alex] Next time we’re gonna do another mission – [Tony] Yeah, we’re definitely gonna do missions
and not our own farm, because that’s gonna be impossible – [Alex] Hey, duud
– [Tony] UGH! Oh my God! – [Tony] *Laughs* It actually works
– [Alex] Hold on! – [Tony] Do it, do it, do it, do it! It’s gotta work! Oh, it’s working!
Oh my God, no way! It’s actually working, man! – [Alex] You’re done. You’re done, boyo,
– [Alex] No! *Tony laughs* – [Tony] And that is the end of the forklift! – [Tony] Thank you guys for watching this video,
I hope you have enjoyed it This only took freakin’ hour and a half of filming at 3am I’m probably gonna get
kicked out of my apartment after this video But anyway, it’s all worth it,
when you guys leave all the likes and comments Makes it all worth it Also, check out Alex in the description down below
a.k.a. The Master Baiting 69 Baiting? Is it not Baiter? Anyway.. Thanks for watching, see you next time! Bye-bye
and stay awesome! – [Alex] Byyye
– [Tony] BAAAMM! That’s a wrap!
I don’t wanna play this game anymore

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