HORSE vs Michelinský KUCHAŘ
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HORSE vs Michelinský KUCHAŘ

October 21, 2019

hi guys, welcome to the new video today we´re shooting in the centre of Liberec we´ll shoot in the restaurant Praha which you can see here otherwise there is a beautiful square here guys in the restaurant are making the new menu and they saw my videos on YouTube so they need some advice from me so here we go I´m here Hi, I´m here…Hi Hanz, welcome I heard that you have great videos about cooking and now we´re looking for a new inspiration and we need help ok I’ll cook you something look, people still talk about it they like your videos and food very much and our chef need your help so come and cook something trend something great and fresh for body-builders a lot depends on the kitchen, so let’s take a look and we´ll see what we can make with that Let me introduce you to Adam, this is Adam this is the chef, who was cooking in Michelin restaurants hi I´m Hanz you don’t look like a body-builder don´t be afraid, I´m ready for everything I´m looking for some inspiration maybe something Mediterranean what do you think? ok guys, today I´ll prepare special dish, it´s the biggest fitness recipe in the world and that´s chicken with rice chicken with rice, but Adam you can do chicken with rice too, right? you know what, we’ll leave him here 20 minutes will be enough…yes good luck I take an apron and here we go so the amateurs left the kitchen and they left me alone I prepared ingredients..I have here: rice, chicken, salt, pepper, oil of course sunflower oil, we can´t fry on olive oil I take an apron Have you ever been to a professional kitchen ? no, it’s my premiere mainly I have a glass-ceramic plate at home and here is normal cooker but it doesn´t matter so guys, I have prepared ingredients chicken with rice is the best recipe for fitness people who doesn´t know it, who didn´t eat it you’ve never been on a diet and you aren´t real fitness people so now I´ll show you, how to do it chicken with rice so I have chicken meat here I still have it with the bone, so we cut the bone we add salt and pepper from the other side too Meanwhile, I put rice in boiling water because they don´t have rice cooker here Michelin restaurant and they don´t have rice cooker rice from a sack? I probably never used rice from a sack, because I have jasmine rice from the Vietnamese but it doesn´t matter I prepare a pan it´s a terrible heat here At home when I cook, I feel nice but here is a terrible heat look at these ingredients what are these mushrooms? I haven’t seen it yet I think he’ll be excited about my recipe because these are ingedients which you don´t know so you eat something new and you are excited because you don´t know it but be excited about something what you can eat every day that’s art it doesn’t sound very good but these numbers on YouTube, these comments that man must know something I think I’ll go check him out here we have an oil we just give a drop we have olive oil too but on the olive oil we can´t fry but he didn´t know what you´ll cook so explain the procedure rice is cooked here we add oil I don´t fry on the olive oil here I cut off the bone and added only salt and pepper I’ll wait until the oil is hot and I´ll put a meat on it Adam are you excited? yes, it looks great Hanz, the pan is already smoking you won’t knock the meat? yes, now it looks good meanwhile, I prepare a plate isn’t the rice overcooked? I want the rice lightly overcooked it looks so good What would you say to that? do you want to improve it somehow? no, I want keep it simple the chicken has some taste and when we add a lot of another tastes it´s bad very important is plating so what did you see Adam? I’ve never seen this before so it´s great?because you have seen everything so chicken is done rice is already done too so let’s serve it it´s ready can I tell them we’re going to present it to them? yes, tell it them this is chicken with rice fitness style no sugar, nothing no shits in it it´s only meat, salt and pepper rice done and a little chives so guys, it´s here today I prepared chicken with rice and with chives, nothing extra it´s the best fitness dish in the world enough guys, stop these cameras we didn’t agree on this we said we would cook luxury meals, here we are in the Restaurant Praha but wait, wait, he really can cook he can cook?…guys, you haven’t even tasted it yet and already hate it wait, wait damn Pavlis, we didn’t agree on this…Petr, I know, but what you expected, chicken with rice you said he can cook a little but you know, people really like Hanz so overcome yourself, it wasn´t so bad ok, we can try it we give a chance to it I´m here, I have a quickly, fitness dish for you it smells good it´s so good it´s so good you can see, I have a nice plating I added a little chives What do you think about it? I would have imagined it a little differently go try it I think you can’t overcome this recipe I try it you have 20 minutes so Hanz, taste it too great rice is luxury the meat is juicy so this was my version of chicken with rice now go shoot Adam it´ll be chicken with rice and leek what was the most interesting restaurant in were cooking? maybe ??? in Holand the restauration is already closed the owner closed it and opened another one
and he has Michelin stars again so you cooked in the restaurant which has 3 michelin stars? I was there for an internship I’ve been there for a month all the food we ate from Adam was so luxurious,
that you can’t imagine it the same plate as Hanz had and what do you think about Hanz? Would you take him to an internship? I guess he can do something but not cooking and how many years have you spent abroad? 11 years Did you cook abroad for 11 years? yes…and then you came back and opened the restaurant Praha and what motivated you to do that? here is my home and I wanted to try to improve it here but so far it looks like people don’t want it that much do you think they are used to Czech classic? so Hanz it´ll be chicken with rice and leek so far it looks the same and Adam when you cook abroad for 11 years you can speak foreign languages ​​perfectly right? English Hanz can speak English too, right? I speak perfect English his favorite: I good feel I good feel oh Hanz look what you should use but you go away so you don’t see secret methods at last I see a man who can cook but he said that it was not bad did you also give him some money? so here is risotto with leek That chicken was specially loaded? only in a vacuum so I prepared my recipe of chicken with rice it´s chicken with leek-shallot risotto baked leek it looks good so we’re going to let them taste it here is my fitness chicken that plating looks fairly well take your money back I don’t want to see you here anymore it wasn’t that bad I couldn’t even taste it what´s wrong? it was not so bad I’d rather eat your dish my dish was better I take my money this is the end of thi video I want to thank the guys a lot mainly to the chef Adam he´s michelin chef I want to thank them for allowing us to shoot on this place write to the comments if you like this video and we´ll make next videos with these guys you have something else than chicken with rice in reserve of course I hope you finally show something, because everyone can do chicken and rice so thank you guys bye,bye mushrooms, no one eats mushrooms what the leek? he does everything with scorched leek yes, he does a lot it looks a little better than your chicken with rice but it tastes almost the same he only burned the leek and added mushrooms I’d like to thank the guys again, for letting us shoot here if you are from the north, here in Liberec on the square, Restaurant Praha go try it, it´s an indescribable experience if you want to see any other such videos for example Master Chef in our submission write it to comments and we prepare something likes, share, follow, click on the bell and have a nice day come and taste it too am I free today? yes, taste it the leek is better than the meat I haven’t had a so good leek yet you pay him too much now I can pay less because he ate he cooked some shit so here the food is thrown into the trash damn, it´s awful these are the Krasinsky shits from YouTube Hi I´m finally here…Hi Hanz, welcome I heard that you have great channel about cooking it doesn´t work today it doesn´t work today I need some cocaine or something

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  1. Video přesně ve 20:00 HA 😀 Přátelé, čest vařit s takovým profíkem ADAMEM z Restaurace Praha v Liberci, borec vařil 11 let v zahraničí a prošel 3 Michelinskýma restauracema! Pokud se Vám bude dnešní vařící speciál líbit, určitě rádi s klukama natočíme něco dalšího! Díky moc všem
    Odebírej prosím ►

  2. Jako jo byl by zajímavý kdyby na místo novýho kuchaře přišel Hanz,myslím si že kdyby hosti viděli kdo jim vaří tak ten talíř i vylížou 😀


  4. Tak chlapi, cekal jsem nejakou picovinu, ale tohle byla super sranda a kluci jsou nejvice borci. Jakmile budu na severu Cech tak tam na obed urcite zajdu.

  5. Škoda že jsem až z jihu jinak bych určitě přijel si dát nějaké jídlo vypadalo to fakt luxusně jen slintám…

  6. Bejt nadšenej z nečeho co mužeš jist denno dene to je umeni 😀 to je kucharina 😀 😀 😀 hahah stroooop opat bomba

  7. Koukám na ty jejich ceny… vždyť je to úplně za pakatel, za tyhle prachy se v Praze (ve městě :D) nenajím ani standardně, jedu do Liberce. 😀

  8. kuře s rýží od Mišelina vypadalo moc dobře a určitě i tak chutnalo, ale ta dlouhá a široká uhlíková stopa za tím flambovacím hořákem, to vidět Gréta, tak se posere.

  9. Koukal jsem uz vcera a video opet pobavilo, sam jsem si tak rikal, jakyby to bylo ochutnat od kuchare s michelinskou hvezdou. Jen tak dal v nataceni.Díky.

  10. Kámo na oliváči se smaží, ale musíš mít oliváč za tepla, ne za studena. to je pak hnus když na oleji za studena smažíš 😀

  11. Já bych asi úplně netvrdil, že lidi nechtějí kvalitní a pořádný jídlo, jak říkal kuchař Adam. Po republice je fakt spousta podniků, kde vaří opravdu dobře a mají tam plno, jak lze vidět třeba na Gastromapě L. Hejlíka. V mém okolí taky plno zajímavých a opravdu dobrých podniků je a fungují skvěle. Je jen možné, že si tam ještě lidé nenašli cestu, nebo tomu zatím nevěří. Těch důvodů může být hodně. 🙂

    Nebydlet na druhý straně Čech, tak bych tam klidně zašel, protože si dám radši dražší a orgasmický jídlo, než levný plátek s hranolkami. 😀

  12. Fuj to je hnusný, to jsou ty krasinskýho hovna z jutubu 😀 😀 😀 tak to jsem nerealně odpadl kurva 😀 😀 😀

  13. Super 👍👍 ale proč pořád dáváte odkazy na další video do obrazu když video ještě neskončilo, tady bylo jedno okénko a odkaz na kanál, někdo tam dá rovnou 4 okénka. Sere to jen mě?? Hoši dejte to na černou obrazovku na konec videa 🙈

  14. Hele popravdě bych si to jídlo od Adama nedal ani za hovno, nesnáším zeleninu a houby už vůbec ne, to hanziho je opravdu lepší nebo alespoň pro mě !!! 100%

  15. Doufám, že někdy povite, zda to klukům pomohlo moc tomu fandím. Češi jsou výborní kuchaři ale horší jsme jakož to stravnici radši sekanou v housce z řeznictví než takovouto parádu lahodící i pohledu….

  16. Reálně jedno z vašich nejlepších videí, mega mě to tvoje vaření baví… pokračuj v tom je to super a vlastně celá tvoje tvorba 💪

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