Horse Vs Mule: Who Is More Sure Footed?
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Horse Vs Mule: Who Is More Sure Footed?

August 14, 2019

just pulled out here on the San Rafael
desert we brought a mule and a horse we’re gonna go rock crawling and compare
the two and I can already tell you from past experience I think the mules gonna
outperform the horse so we’re just going to go up a little slick Rock here and we’re gonna
compare a horse and a mule as you can see that mule was more aware
of his foot placement she kind of tiptoed up the rock and now when the horse
when he went up it he was flat-footed and just trying to walk straight up and
which made him slide down you can probably see that the horse went
down a lot easier place and her back legs were still sliding and if you look at
her legs here she’s a little scratched up from all our
rock climbing like right here which is its not good that’s why we usually don’t take
horses off that. Now the mule never slid on his legs at all and I obviously went down
a lot harder spot with him and he just did his little mule walk down the hill notice when the mule goes up and down
the hills how sure-footed he is. His feet never slide and the horse when he goes
up and down he’s kind of awkward and slides down the hill and when he goes up
he slips a few times but overall the mule makes it look easy so after riding today the obvious choice
was a mule they’re a lot better at rock crawling and I mean the mule was even
at a disadvantage it’s only three years old it’s only been out a few times and
that horse is ten years old and he should be an expert at navigating the
desert out here we’ve had him out here tons of times let me know what you guys
think leave a comment below is there anything we missed today or what should
our next mule VS horse video include

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  1. Mules are the best and I love your channel. May I ask what breeds horses and type jack you like to cross? I like gaited jack x missouri foxtrotter. thanks again for great video.

  2. Great video showing the difference between the two. I have a question for you though. i’m pushing 60 years old, have been riding & training since I was five years old. I grew up with mules on the farm, but I always ridden horses, as the mules were only for working the fields, etc. Now that I have retired, I want to get a mule to finish out my days trail riding on. Which is better? A John or a Jenny? I have heard that John’s usually work better for women and Jennys work better for men. Is there any truth in that? I have always bonded with my horse and my horse would do anything I asked of him. I want the same in a mule, but I am unclear as to which would be better,… Jack or Jenny. Do you have any thoughts on that? keep up the great work! Kat in NC

  3. Enjoyed your video and here's what I learned. A horse is like a BMW/Mercedes and a donkey is like a Subaru. I'll take a Subaru any day. LOL

  4. The problem is always getting your mule to stop ….at the bottom! I have a different confirmation 14.2 quarter horse that is as tippy toed and sure footed as your mule and he’s pretty! Good video though. I enjoyed watching it. Good job….just saying….

  5. Mule are way more bonding and protective of you. Turn them toward a mean dog he'll chase it away. I usually tell people a mule is 4wd a horse is 2wd but they have to own one to find out.

  6. Put shoes with traction devices that work with the type of rock you are climbing on the horse! Your horse was doing the best it could with body position, just had no traction.

  7. I have got horses who would have walked that rock climb just as easy if not better than that mule. That horse in the clip has it been on that sort of terrain before ? If not give him time to learn how to walk on it and he will. I don't buy what you are trying to sell here ? The Indians and their ponies rode over the Mountain Ranges into Canada to escape the Calvary Soldiers in the old days and their ponies rode over rock climbs more challenging than whats shown in this clip. I have ridden my horses over worse rock climbs than whats shown in this clip in New Zealand and they stood firm and didn't slip over and thats with horse shoes on their hooves too.

  8. A mules will walk on his toes like a ballet dancer on ice. An aside question I know it depends mostly on the mare , but would a wild ass of India help make a better , faster mule ?

  9. Great vid, but I’d suggest putting some kind of protection on any animal expected to falter, so they don’t become injured. Thanks for your open-mindedness in asking for suggestions.

  10. I like my mules but I say get the right tool for the job…. I'll take a good horse on the flats gathering or roping anyday ..

  11. Hey great video! I notice you used quarter horses. We have wild mustang horses we break for ranch horses. They are sure a lot more sure footed than a quarter horse. I enjoyed the video! Nice mules and nice vlogs. God bless!

  12. I've rode in the winter , be on a back rode where the snow has melted and frozen into long ice patches. You'd feel a little movement , look back and see little half moon marks in the ice , the mule was on her toes , like a ballerina, and never missed a step , barefoot I might add.

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