Horseback Ride & Swim in Montego Bay, Jamaica | Carnival Cruise Line
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Horseback Ride & Swim in Montego Bay, Jamaica | Carnival Cruise Line

October 20, 2019

The Carnival logo: A red, white,
and blue Y-shaped ship horn.
Horseback Ride and Swim;
Montego Bay, Jamaica.
Guests in bathing suits ride
horses through beach surf!
A horse wears a padded,
waterproof saddle.
Guests wear floatation belts
over their bathing suits
as they ride through
the Caribbean surf.
Guides on horseback
lead the group.
Some horses trot, splashing
through water up to their knees.
Guests dangle their bare feet
and legs in the sea
as they ride through deeper
water, up to the horses’ backs.
A woman strokes her horse’s
neck as they ride past
a shore covered in
tropical foliage.
The horses step up onto
an underwater ledge
as they ride out of the sea.Now guests wear helmets as they
ride through a sunny meadow.
Two women smile broadly
as they hold the reins
guiding their horses.The group travels through
the lush countryside,
then up to a hilltop with
spectacular mountain views.
Down by the sea, they
ride over packed sand
past the blue waters of a
rocky, tree-lined lagoon.
The horses carry their
riders at a gentle,
relaxed pace through
shallow surf.

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