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October 6, 2019

– Hi guys, welcome back to… – [Both] The YouTube Family! – And today we are at Kualoa Ranch. – Yep. – And we’re kind of all splitting up today and we’re not going to
be able to record it all but Jordan and I are
going horseback riding. – Woohoo! – Yay! Jake and Ty and Grandma are headed off to go on a Catamaran tour. – Ooh, on a boat. – [Mom] And where is Dad and Audrey? – Dad and Audrey are going
on this crazy zip line. So they’re going to hike to
seven different zip lines and go down them, and
it’s like super high up in the air, it’s going to be so much fun. – [Mom] And hopefully
they’ll get some footage cause they took the Go-Pro’s. – Yep. – And Nan and Grandpa
are going on an ATV tour. – Ooh, and this is actually, fun fact, this is the place where
they filmed Jurassic Park. – Okay so then after our
tours, we’re going to meet up, have some lunch, and then we’re all headed out to
see a movie set tour. – To see where exactly, the exact location where they filmed Jurassic Park, and… – And a bunch of other movies. – Yeah, lots of movies. This place is so pretty, it’s really cool. – It’s beautiful here. Alright, you ready to
head off and do this? – Let’s go! – [Mom] Hey, so we’ve
been horseback riding at Kualoa Ranch in Hawaii! And we’ve seen some of the movie tours, but check out this scenery. Look where we are riding. This is amazing. – This is a part of a movie set. – [Mom] Oh yeah, and
there’s some movie set. Oh, this is Journey to
the Center of the Island, or, Journey to a Mysterious Island. Journey 2. (hooves clomping) – Woohoo! (upbeat music) – [Audrey] How was that, Dad? – That was fun, got really
really wet this time. – [Audrey] Yeah, we’re all soaking. – That one was 808 feet, so
that’s the longest one so far, so we’ll see what the
next one has to bring. – [Audrey] I think
they’re gonna get longer. – I hope so, these are fun. – So we’re going on seven zip lines and this is our third
one, right, third one. I think they’re going to
get longer each time, and– but we’re like right in the middle of all the movie scenes like
Jurassic Park, Jurassic World. Like right in the middle of
the mountains, it’s so cool. Hiking time! – This is the longest zip line. – [Audrey] Oh, this is the longest one? – Yep, this will be the longest one. – [Audrey] Yep, just a little
short hike with heavy gear. – The gear’s 15 pounds when it’s dry, probably 18 pounds when it’s wet. – Haha! Yeah. (wind blowing) Woohoo! (upbeat music) Are you shaking it? – [Dad] No. (laughing) – [Audrey] Bro, I feel you. Bro. Woohoo! That was really cool. Alright, we’re done zip
lining, how was that, Dad? – It was fun, it’ was really
wet, but it was super fun. I would definitely do it again. – Yeah, we got to see a lot of cool sights even though it was raining. I feel like it would be
better on a sunny day. So check the weather if
you decide to do this, but it was a lot of fun. At least we weren’t, like, freezing, because the water is warm here. – It’s warm rain in Hawaii. – Yeah. Oh yeah. And we’re about to meet up with Mom and everyone else to see
how their excursions were. They went horseback riding, RV… – Yeah, they couldn’t
take the cameras so… – We were the only ones! – Grandparents went ATVing, I think… Jake and Ty went out on a boat, which is funny because it’s totally wet. – Yeah. – And Mom and Audrey went
horseback riding. So we’ll see. – Wait, I’m… – Or, Mom and Jordan. (laughing) – We’re on the bus, the movie tour bus. – [Dad] The movie tour bus? – Yep. – [Dad] And where we at? – Kualoa Ranch, Kualoa Ranch, whatever. – [Dad] What’s your shirt say? – We don’t know how to pronounce
it, that’s the problem. – [Dad] That’s where we are? – Yeah. – Kualoa Ranch in Hawaii. – [Dad] This is a sugar
mill, or what’s left of it. – Okay, we’re going into
the World War II bunker now. Gonna get to look inside. We’re walking inside. (upbeat music) Some of the tools… – So that was all of the
real World War II supplies, and now we’re going on to
the movie side of the bunker. Grand entrance, ooh! (upbeat music) So these are all props that
they used in the movies. This is Hawaii Five O. These were like, all the movies that were filmed here on this location. That is so cool! – [Dad] Okay, so we’re inside the bunker and this is the actual
prop used in the show Lost. It’s a submarine, so Audrey and Jordan are standing next to it there. But this is the cool thing: in the bunker they had to reset the computer every day so that the island didn’t blow up, and that’s the actual
computer that they used. We gotta go back and watch
the episodes of Lost again. – And, fun fact, they
actually used that submarine in their duck pond here at
Hawaii, in this little Kualoa. – [Dad] Yeah, right here.
There it is right there. – And the duck pond was
only three feet deep. So they didn’t need a real submarine, they could just use a styrofoam one. I thought that was pretty cool. – [Dad] Jurassic World. They actually still have one
of the dinosaurs in there. – Come on guys. – Let’s go! The dinosaurs are coming. – [Dad] The dinosaurs are coming. – Ah! They’re chasing us! – [Dad] Oh no, run! – This is so cool. – [Dad] That’s the foot
print of King Kong. Alright the kids are trying the sea kayaks and canoes and
paddle boards and boogie board. You having fun? – Yeah! – [Dad] Over here, girls! Stay over here! I tell em to stay close and they take off. Alright, so we’re going try to get just a little more water play in before the end of the night. I hope the kids don’t get washed away. They’ve never done this before, and I don’t know if I can row
fast enough to go get them. We’ll see what they do! Hey, up here. – Watch out! – [Dad] You’re gonna
fall on the beach again! Oh boy, look at Jacob go! Jacob, he just takes right off. Hey Ty, what are you doing dude? – I don’t know! – [Dad] You’re supposed to stay on top of it, not underneath it. – You can’t sit on it, you can’t. – [Dad] You’re supposed to go behind it and then scoot up on it. There you go. Girls! Alright, they have no
idea what they’re doing. I’ve gotta run down the beach and get em before they’re out of the beach area. Alright, they’re out there now. They think they know what they’re doing. Jacob, go get them! And then there’s Tyler. Ride the wave, Ty! There you go. Fight the
waves, J, fight the wind! Woohoo! Look at you go. Nice. Alright, Audrey and Jordan
are racing the crew team. Who’s gonna win? There’s not even a chance. Those guys are smoking them. Come on girls, go get em! (laughing) Hey, what are you doing back there? – Audrey and dad just got
back from sailing the seas and the boys and I got back
from playing in the water and now it’s dinner time! – [Dad] So did you have fun today? – Yeah, today was fun. Last night was the best
because it was cool, there was a breeze that came in, and the wind would come
through the house at night and the sound of the waves
was like, extra loud, and it was like, so
good to go to sleep to. – [Dad] So when you get home are you gonna order a sound machine? – Yes I am. – [Dad] Okay, well we’re going to eat dinner and call it a night. – Thank you guys so much
for watching this video and if you enjoyed it, make
sure to give it a big thumbs up, subscribe to provide to gray, and… – Hit the bell. – We’ll see you all next time. – [Both] Bye! (upbeat music)

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