Horseback Riding At Ocean Shores, Wa (2019)
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Horseback Riding At Ocean Shores, Wa (2019)

October 19, 2019

all right today we’re at Ocean Shores we
were riding horses my name is maybe the horse’s name is
Blaine or something maybe David Blaine or something I don’t know we’re riding
horses join me on the elimedia youtube channel we’re just waiting for our horse
let’s see which one it is and it’s taken a long time a bit but it’s ok we’re
waiting I saw everybody got their horse bump me I’m just waiting for my horse
Blaine I’m waiting to get called to go up to get on the horse I’m the last one
and against the trailer so we just have to wait here I hear I got a feisty one
there is the wild stallion Blaine but Blaine Blaine might be a girl’s game yep
jump over thank you I advise keeping it in your pocket or somewhere safe if it
falls down that it could great gotcha yep awesome thinking all right here we
go here we go all right all right this sounds like it’s time to go home this one’s trying to win the race hey
hey hey hey hey hey kid go Chilvers watch out for these watch out for the
triplets all right coming in we’re come in the first here we go boy I’ll beat
them all the happy people forget I saw riding the horses we got some horse
booty very cool look the vehicles have to go around us
horses have to yield the horses I mean trucks have to yield the horses all
right so it appears that the people are the barrier in which we have to stay in
the middle of so I got to finesse the horse a little more Center we’re gonna
try to fall back as well to get closer some people that I know right now this
horse wants to go to the front yeah I’m gonna start working my way to the back
of the group slowly
all right horse calm down now there we got a neighboring horse like OOP don’t
forget to pull back if it goes too fast we got a brown horse brown horse you
gots another Brown horse the white horse the white horse we’re going for number one here okay let
the break away from the group good thing over there right behind it I’ll jump it okay
here we go no a bit hey Blaine what should people do on my youtube channel
that’s right subscribe but to walk right in front is car here hold up a little love bite steer away going take
a little taking the lead so we’ve been going for maybe 28 minutes we’re gonna
hit we’re about to turn around right now and head back I believe the whole ride
is about an hour oh oh a certain to go Oh what are we doing
hold on course we’re starting to run I think they know the rides almost over
and that we get to go back there’s another horse gang we’re gonna
have a horse battle boy it’s like there’s just people that look like us on
the other horses there’s just doppelgangers of us on the
other side let me see where am i over there there’s our hotel
you guys have rivalries if you have rivalries with the other company jelly yeah you guys can have a ride off you
gotta jump some surfboards not even a competition all right no comparison
they can barely jog you guys set it up yummy go put it together for the race Wow oh my gosh
I think the horses need to do it on their own huh that was funny
Oh mine’s going crazy no I’m just kidding
I got it yeah they really want to go home hey hey night got him up that God
Almighty maybe these personally speak Spanish
dream up their way they’re all happy to go they all could
be named coffee I like cutting people off with horses
shut the rival that the rival horse face tonight they’re getting a little
restless on the way back check it out guys over there I put my
phone away they’re gonna yell at me again going incognito oh oh I see what happen I see what’s
going on I tell him this guy cuz he kept clicking got reprimanded they said he’s
gonna they’re gonna guide him back got to keep the peace you know follow the
rules bro I’m gonna raw dog is horse like that
I’m Von D’s son let’s get back to it let’s go white we’re almost home my
horse is getting kind of crazy actually calm down calm down it blows my voice is
name do you know oh plane what was your horse’s name do you
remember Oh golly it’s nice we’re almost home they’re almost home
yeah good point here we go we’re just resting traffic
come here everybody wait oh look the horses are funneling in Oh stick to the
middle oh there we go freedom freedom I’m sorry lobe but you have one more to
go though that one sprang a leak link wait can you do that again it missed it
do you think people need to feel enjoy this that’s great so that’s where
mountain dew comes from Oh Blaine can’t wait to go home oh boy just got to throw
me off by Blaine alright guys that’s pretty cool riding
the horses don’t forget to subscribe leave a comment we had a lot of fun
riding the horses at Ocean Shores I will see you guys next time on the L Amelio
YouTube channel good bye

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