Horseback Riding at the Crater of Taal Volcano
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Horseback Riding at the Crater of Taal Volcano

October 20, 2019

Horseback Riding at the Crater of Taal Volcano M: There’s a vehicle service here? Guide: Just trekking M: So this is the same way when we get back right? Guide: Yes no short cut M: Those trekkers are the ones taking pictures here? Guide: The horses fetch those who can’t make it up the crater. M: Yah, when they can’t take it anymore right? Guide talking at the background M: I think the horse can’t take it anymore. M: He keeps running at the edge Guide: They won’t fall don’t worry. M: They’re afraid too right? Horses galloping M: He can’t take my weight anymore. Horses galloping Guide: They’re stepping on a hot surface M: Haha, yeah right… What’s that smoking over there? Guide: That’s a steam from the volcano, where almost at the crater. M: Yet they still manages to step on the rocks? M: That’s part of the crater? Sound of camera cover banging Horses galloping M: Is there no accident here yet? (gigles) Maybe it’s me when it first happen… Horses galloping M: He’s so tired of my weight… He keeps pooping! Guide: He can handle persons heavier than you, no worry. M: This horse is testing my nerves. Horses galloping Birds Chirping Sound of Horses galloping M: (Talking to the horse) Can you still make it? You still okay? M: The horse can’t bare my weight anymore. Horses galloping M: What’s more frightening, an elephant ride or this? W: Elephant ride is more petrifying, and more unstable. M: Just like this? chatting at the background Sound of Birds Chirping Horses galloping M: The horse is so tired, I think he can’t make it… M: He’s not taking a break?… he’s pooping again! Horses galloping M: Poor horse Horses galloping, taking deep breaths M: How bout you ma’am, are you still okay?… How many time have you done this? Guide: I’ve done this many times already and you are my first client for today. M: It’s hard to get used to right? Guide: It’s a tough job… It took us about 25 minutes of horseback riding after we reached the crater of Taal Volcano.

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