Horseback Riding in Breckenridge Colorado
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Horseback Riding in Breckenridge Colorado

October 12, 2019

Wanna come ride some horses? Giddy up! making our way up the old town road where we’re gonna ride some horses Giddy up Alright so I’m just waiting for my horse
here until I hear a little voice come up and say Little voice: How much have you been on a horse before? Me: Oh several times Little voice: You’re gonna have Fit! Me: Is she yours? Mom: Yeah.. Me: That’s awesome! Mom: hahaha Me: Fit? Which one’s Fit? Me asking Mom: She know’s what’s up, huh? Mom: She does unfortunately Me: Haha your’re in trouble Mom: Haha I know exactly! At age 5 she’s trying to run the barn? What am I gonna do when she’s like 10? Whooa, whoa There you go. Good girl Fit. Where are you guys going? Get back on the trail. Haha Oooooo Wooo! Atta girl Fit is doing awesome! YEE-HAW! Alright thanks Fit! You rock!

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