October 3, 2019

We are here at the Horseshoe Ranch on the
north end of the island and we are going to be going horseback riding. I’m going to be
riding a horse called Little Man and Sam who are you riding? I can’t remember. Hello, Little Man. Hi Choci Brown. You’re going to be my horse
today. That was actually a really fun ride. We just
finished riding our horses through the bush and one of my favorite parts was getting to
see Wallabees in the wild just hopping around while we were passing through on our horses.
It was really cool. Also, what makes this experience unique is
that at the end of the horseback riding lesson you get to go swimming with the horses in
the ocean. That is what a lot of the riders are doing right now. If you find yourself on Magnetic Island going
horseback riding is a lot of fun.

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